San Diego Democrats Vote to Endorse Carla Keehn for Jurist Seat 20

The San Diego Democratic Party’s Central Committee met on the evening of March 18th in Kearny Mesa.   According to Committee Chair Francine Busby, last night’s packed room was an unusual occurrence for their committee meetings.
The crowd overwhelmingly voted “Aye” to endorse Carla Keehn as the best candidate for San Diego County Superior Court jurist seat 20.  Committee member and Oceanside City Councilwoman, Esther Sanchez, spoke to delay the endorsement vote until April.  She was one of only three or four “Nay” votes heard.
The incumbent judge in seat 20 is Lisa Schall.  Appointed to the bench 28 years ago by Governor Deukmejian, her ballot statement claims she is endorsed for the upcoming June 3rd election by “All 125 judges of the San Diego Superior Court”. Her website claims endorsement of the statewide jurist organization, the “Alliance of California Judges”. 
San Diego Superior Court Judge Paula Rosenstein was appointed to the bench by Governor Brown in late 2012.  In February of this year, she and fellow sitting judge, David Rubin, caused Ms. Keehn to lose the election endorsement of Tom Homann LGBT Law Group by questionable means. Judge Rosenstein also spoke at the February Democratic Party’s meeting against a Keehn election endorsement.  She did not attend last night’s meeting.  
Loud cheers went out in the crowd when Keehn took the podium to speak before votes were cast last night.  
Seems the local Dems understand that by law, Thou Can Challenge a Sitting Judge
Congratulations to Candidate Keehn, to her supporters, and to defenders of candidates’ and voters’ rights in San Diego County, California.

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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