San Diego Sitting Judges’ Election Tampering Gains Statewide Media Attention

On March 6th, 2014, California Court Monitor published an article titled, “Judicial Election Intimidation On Display in San Diego”  
The article is about Judge Paula Rosenstein’s actions to try to fix an upcoming election for a fellow sitting judge.  She has become the voice of the Local Jurists’ Bullying & Tampering (LJBT) sub-committee of the Sitting Judges Club, San Diego Chapter.
For now over a month, Rosenstein has been going around town unethically abusing prestige of judicial office to coerce non-endorsement of Carla Keehn in her run for judicial seat 20. Keehn is running against Rosenstein’s fellow Sitting Judge Club member, Lisa Schall. Elections are June 3rd.
According to California Court Monitor authors, the perverse situation currently playing out in San Diego is indicative of a statewide problem within the California judicial branch.  The article states,
 “Imagine living with a justice system where powerful judges intimidate would-be challengers, threatening careers and clients if anyone dares run against a seated judge. Well, there are those who say (quietly, very quietly of course) that California has just that system, and they point to a San Diego race as the latest example.
It’s unusual for mainstream media outlets to give more than passing coverage to superior court judicial races, but The San Diego Times Union recently broke the story: ‘A candidate challenging a longtime Superior Court judge in the June primary election says she is being pressured to drop out by a legal organization she belongs to and by some judges.’
The newspaper, perhaps oddly sidestepping the larger story of judicial electoral intimidation…To make matters even more interesting, Keehn is openly gay and some of the pressure comes from a group she belongs to [the LGBT legal community now kowtowing to the whims of the LJBT community while influencing the entire local Democratic party] with the leadership writing here that “… openly challenging a sitting judge can be seen by some as undermining the support and relationship we have worked so hard to build.” Keehn said she understood it to be pressure to drop out, but will not do so.…”
Purportedly vetted when appointed to the bench just fifteen short months ago by Governor Brown, LJBT’s Rosenstein is also running for June 3rd judicial election.
Serving as the poster child of the underlying statewide problem — no one is running against her — just like would happen with Judge Schall if Federal Attorney Keehn were intimidated by LJBT to drop from the race.
If you would like to ask Sitting Judge Club member, Lisa Schall, questions of the matter here are the directions of how to do it.  San Diego Superior Court Judge Lisa Schall Offers to Answer Everyone’s Questions.
Questions must be submitted to by Tuesday, March 11th.  The best 20 questions will be emailed to Judge Schall for her to “gladly answer” and will posted on Katy’s Exposure Blog, March 12th.

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1 Response to San Diego Sitting Judges’ Election Tampering Gains Statewide Media Attention

  1. organicmomca says:

    This is nothing. The number of corrupt judges is now over 50%. That has been caused by a lack of any recourse against corruption in the courts. When there are no enforced penalties, things get worse as judges feel empowered to play god. It is simple, if there is a light, and it is red, but you know that there are no cops around, how many people will run the light? If you see all these company big wigs embezzling and getting slapped with zero jail time, how is everyone not embezzling? Judges morality is not better than the general public. Only a small percentage would obey unenforced laws.

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