Hey Corrupt California Courts, What part of “NO! I am not shutting up!” do you not understand?

Congress shall make no law

This DECLARATION SUBMITTED UNDER DURESS and DEMAND to a court with no established subject matter jurisdiction may be read online at ContemptOfCourtFor.Me under the blog title of “Kelman v. Kramer ~ New Judge, Same Game, No Jurisdiction, They proceed anyway! in lawful accordance with the First Amendment of the Constitution when publicly exposing harassment for blowing a whistle on science fraud in public health policy aided to continue by fraud on the court by officers of the court; and in lawful accordance with California Code of Civil Procedure 1209(b) which states,

“A speech or publication reflecting upon or concerning a court or an officer thereof shall not be treated or punished as a contempt of the court unless made in the immediate presence of the court while in session and in such a manner as to actually interfere with its proceedings.”

Read More of the ongoing, relentless California officer of the court harassment to try to force silence of their collusive misconduct aiding the U.S. Chamber and friends to defraud the public of $billions at our sister blog, ContemptOfCourtFor.ME

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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