KELMAN & GLOBALTOX v. KRAMER ~ One Big Government Fueled HATE CRIME against U.S. environmentally disabled & dying

               20120507_LARGE_hate_crime          “There is nothing frivolous about California judiciaries working in  concert  to  suppress direct evidence of perjury and suborning of perjury while knowing their actions are abetting  massive hate crimes  against the environmentally disabled and dying in a scheme for insurers to shift their financial responsibility for the illnesses onto taxpayers; and with court clerks falsifying legal documents to conceal the judiciaries’ roles in aiding it to continue — as all legal system policing agencies turn a blind eye to the mass corruption of the California courts in deliberate indifference.  As a United States citizen I have a right and a duty to say this and to provide the public with the irrefutable evidence that it is true.  Yet, I was jailed and harmed in March of 2012 for exposing this corruption in California courts aiding the insurer fraud and hate crimes of epic proportion. I have now been court ordered to publish on the internet that this is not true, to pay the courts for exposing their fraud and to never write of the matter again or face more incarceration.  It is all true and I can prove it — and no intimidation tactic will ever coerce me into silence. Too many lives and the Constitution are at stake.”   Sharon Noonan Kramer 

Read more and see corroborating legal documents of proof at our sister blog, ContemptOfCourtFor.ME  

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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4 Responses to KELMAN & GLOBALTOX v. KRAMER ~ One Big Government Fueled HATE CRIME against U.S. environmentally disabled & dying

  1. JWagner says:

    This is horrible. Its like watching someone be gang raped by criminals for exposing their fraud and no one who could stop it, does. Why are so many staying silent about what is happening to Sharon Kramer for exposing a science fraud that harms us all and has been allowed to continue by what the courts have been doing to her?

  2. bob says:

    The lack of a network response to help Sharon is similar to the network response I received back in the early 1990s about air bags killing kids. What most people don’t know is that air bags were installed in full size GM cars in the mid 1970s. BUT these air bags were far safer and operated differently than the cheap “wham bamb….” used in cars today.

    GM, Ford, Allstate Insurance all knew about the risk to kids back in the 1970s and worked together to make the early safer air bags. BUT when air bags became mandatory, Elizabeth DOLE allowed the car makers to put in cheap air bags-just to comply with the law-AND with the FULL KNOWLEDGE that they would kill kids.

    I have all the documentation and testimony to prove AND 3 of the mid 1970s air bags Olds which I drive daily.

    I gave all this information to all the networks and their written response was “this is TOO Controversal of a subject to cover.” When the true is really important – and who was really responsible for killing these kids- well that is “too controversial” to tell the public.

    Fortunately for Sharon the internet now helps her to spread the truth, but the media is now controlled by special interests and NO network would ever tell her story.

  3. katy says:

    Hi Jim,

    Thaks for the kind words of support. As far as me “toning it down” to get attention, I don’t think you must understand. I am basically being gang raped by Kelman, his attorney and the CA courts while people stand by and watch and say they feel really bad, but I shouldn’t scream so loud or no one will will believe me that I am being raped. The ONLY way I am going to “beat these buggers” is if people start screaming for me. And when they do, many other lives will be saved in the process. Until that time, the rape of me and thus the public will continue.

  4. Jim H. White says:

    Love to you and yours!

    Somehow you have to get one of the major networks to pick this up; for that you may have to tone things down a bit (says he who was never known for toning things down). I wish I knew more about how to latch onto a network who does not get so much income from insurance companies that they are willing to risk losing that income. Unfortunately I do not.

    A word of caution; somehow you will have to let go of most of the stress from this fiasco, at least for a while; your immune system does not work properly when you are under continual stress and you may get too sick to continue unless you can find a way to let go and heal for a while.

    I admire you greatly and hope that you will find the way to beat the buggers; we all need that to happen so that our children and grandchildren will have a better life.

    Jim H. White (former researcher in mold and health studies)

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