This Court and the plaintiffs want the evidence forever off of the internet that in March of 2012, This Court jailed a U.S. citizen for refusing to be coerced into signing a false confession of being guility of libel w/actual malice in the first public writing, March 2005, of how it became a fraud in policy that moldy buildings do not harm at the hands of the plaintiffs. They want it forever off the internet of the California courts’ role in aiding massive fraud to continue to harm the lives of thousands.

California Code of Civil Procedure 1209(b) states, “A speech or publication reflecting upon or concerning a court or an officer thereof shall not be treated or punished as a contempt of the court unless made in the immediate presence of the court while in session and in such a manner as to actually interfere with its proceedings.

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  1. jeanette Wagner says:

    Thank you for that explanation. The colluding parties who have backed themselves into a corner are also carving a very ugly picture of themselves, which will go down in the history books for all future generations to see and discuss. There is nothing that even the worlds most notorious leaders and most crafty corrupt officials can do to erase the stench of their names from history books. They never dreamed their names would meet with such disdain by billions of people after them, forever, for all generations to come. The only thing sadder is to watch it happen before it even makes headline news or the name of a chapter in history books.

  2. katy says:

    What it says is, they want the evidence off of the Internet that the courts framed Sharon for libel over the words “altered his under oath statements” while they suppressed the evidence that Kelman committed perjury and his attorney repeatedly suborned it to establish libel law needed reason for malice – knowing they were aiding a fraud to continue in US public healht policy and US courts that it was proven the mold toxins in water damaged buildings do not harm. Its billions in fraud that the courts know they caused to continue by what they have done to Sharon to try to silence and discredit her. How far they are willing to go to keep it hidden from public light, who knows. They already incarcerated her once for refusing to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel with actual malice over the words, ‘altered his under oath statements’. There is nothing that would cause one to believe they will not do it again. Besides being criminal, its a stupid move. They backed themselves into a corner with no graceful way out. “They” being some of the justices who control the CA judicial branch.

  3. jeanette Wagner says:

    What does that mean in laymen language? They are not going to send Sharon to jail again? And they want to erase all evidence of the trouble they already caused her? Is that what this is saying?

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