Washington, DC ~ Federal Interagency MOLD WORK GROUP To Report (lack of) Progress ~ Mark Your Calendar & Make Your Voice Heard ~ June 6th 1-4:30 pm EDT

US Government, PLEASE tell US physicians we are sick & dying from moldy buildings. STOP aiding the fraud that it is proven we are not!

Please REGISTER For Meeting Now!  Federal interagencies have indicated they will not be issuing a public health advisory regarding serious illnesses caused by water damaged buildings. 


Make YOUR VOICE HEARD on June 6th!  DIRECTIONS of how to attend CIAQ Meeting on June 6 @ 1PM EDT via the Internet


In early 2009, the Federal Interagency Mold Working Group (MWG) was formed by directive from the Federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) to the Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality (CIAQ). 

The 2008 GAO Audit Report that gave this directive is INDOOR MOLD  Better Coordination of Research on Health Effects and More Consistent Guidance Would Improve Federal Efforts”

The Federal Interagency MWG was charged with only two tasks to protect the public from illnesses that are caused by contamination growth in water damaged buildings caused by leaks, floods, substandard construction and poor maintenance. 

1. Send consistent messaging among all federal agencies regarding the potential for illness.

2. Distribute an accurate health advisory to private sector physicians, the public, and relevant agencies.

In December of 2011, after three years of working with the CIAQ/MWG to encourage they dissiminate accurate medical  information to physicians, the public and state health departments;  citizens sent LETTERS to key decision makers at EPA CIAQ and OSHA.  Again, the request was reiterated that the joint federal agencies adhere to the directive of the GAO and issue a viable health advisory to the private sector. 

In January and February 2012, we received an  EPA letter and OSHA letter stating that no public health advisory will be forthcoming from the Federal Interagencies charged with raising awareness among physicians to protect the US public and US workers.

In accordance with the GAO directive three actions were requested by US citizens but denied by the Federal government:

“Action Request  #1   

     We urge the CIAQ MWG to compose and issue a public advisory regarding the potential adverse health effects caused by exposure to mold and other biological contaminants that are known to be present in water-damaged US homes, schools and work environments. This includes the known potential for respiratory and pulmonary illness, infection, irritant reaction, perturbing of the immune system and chronic organ inflammation caused or worsened by the biological contaminants. Some of these contaminants are known to be infectious agents. Some are known to have toxic properties.

Action Request  #2 

     Because of the potential adverse impact on occupational safety and adverse impact on the economy as a whole when injured workers are denied compensation for on-the-job injury; we, the Undersigned Citizens of the United States (and England & Canada), are also requesting that OSHA designate a member to the CIAQ MWG to contribute to the writing and distributing of the federal interagency public health advisory in 2012.  

Action Request  #3   

     Upon completion of the federal interagency public health advisory in 2012; we, the Undersigned Citizens of the United States, request that the advisory be distributed to all state and federal health agencies and to all US private sector medical associations. This, with the understanding theses agencies and associations will make the CIAQ MWG public health advisory readily available to US physicians and to the general public.

Action Is Needed For Public & Worker Safety   

     This federal interagency public health advisory is needed because state health departments and private sector medical associations are sending mixed and inconsistent information to the general public, to physicians, to employers and to insurers.  The mixed messaging is contributing to the confusion and lack of a protection for public and worker safety and health. This is contributing to those injured by exposure to contaminants found in WDB to be unable to receive appropriate medical treatments. Their physicians are misinformed or uninformed. Further, it is contributing to lack of an awareness of the importance to properly maintain and repair occupied structures.”

“NO” is not an acceptable response from the joint federal agencies.


Please make YOUR VOICE HEARD on June 6th! DIRECTIONS Of How To Attend CIAQ Meeting On June 6 @ 1PM EDT Via The Internet

  • They know that many lives continue to be devastated by the scientific misinformation which has been mass marketed to US courts, to physicians and health departments by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) and the US Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of limiting financial liability of insurers, builders, employers, landlords and others who negligently build, maintain, lease or sell water damaged buildings when resultant illnesses occur.
  • They know that their silence aids this to continue to devastate the lives of tens of thousands of US citizens.
  • Appaulingly, the US NAVY federal agency is currently using the scientific misinformation of ACOEM , US Chamber of Commerce /Manhattan Institute think-tank to deny liability for causation of illness in sick military families whose loved ones risk their lives daily to protect everyone’s families.
  • They know the Navy’s housing partner, Lincoln Military Housing, misstates that the CDC is in agreement with the flawed science of ACOEM and the US Chamber,  i.e., that it is scientifically proven all claims of illness and death from moldy buildings are only being made because of “trial lawyers, media and Junk Science”.  These hate mongering, deceptive words were written by the authors of both the ACOEM Mold Statement & the US Chamber Mold Statement, prolific expert defense witnesses in toxic torts, Bruce Kelman and Bryan Hardin of Veritox, Inc. (formerly known as GlobalTox, Inc.) while stating the meaning of both papers are the same.   


DEMAND  an accurate health advisory be given from the Federal interagencies of the CIAQ MOLD WORK GROUP to the public of the serious illnesses occurring from exposure to biocontaminants in water damaged buildings.

Please make YOUR VOICE HEARD on June 6th!  DIRECTIONS Of How To Attend CIAQ Meeting On June 6 @ 1PM EDT Via The Internet


REGISTER For Meeting Now!  Registration is required before attendance.


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3 Responses to Washington, DC ~ Federal Interagency MOLD WORK GROUP To Report (lack of) Progress ~ Mark Your Calendar & Make Your Voice Heard ~ June 6th 1-4:30 pm EDT

  1. Nancy Swan says:

    Katy, I will see what I can do to change that.

  2. katy says:

    Thank you, Nancy for helping to get this information out. We are in the process of composing a follow up letter/blog regarding the impact of this failure of the Federal gov’t to warn the public of the potential health hazards on the Hurricane Sandy victims. You should also know that the EPA CIAQ has never been able to obtain funding from Congress for the Mold Work Group to be able to send the needed public message.

  3. Nancy Swan says:

    I am sharing this post on all social media. Please help by sharing on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networks. Posting also on Children’s EPA blog at http://childrensepa.blogspot.com/

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