Kelman v. Kramer ~ On March 26th the Honorable Thomas Nugent removed Sharon Kramer’s false Criminal Contempt Record given her on March 12th, while unlawfully incarcerated, and….

then replaced it with a false Civil Contempt Record. The false criminal record was given to Mrs. Kramer on March 12th while unlawfully incarcerated at the Los Colinas Women’s Detention Center in Santee, California. 

Sharon Noonan Kramer

On March 26th, the Court replaced the false Criminal Contempt record with a false Civil Contempt of Court record at the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. By doing so, the Court is concealing that on March 9th, the Court unlawfully ordered Mrs. Kramer to be incarcerated for refusing to commit perjury and sign the Fraudulent Retraction, crafted by Mr. Kelman’s attorney, Mr. Scheuer. 

Signing this fraudulent document was not the requirement of the Contempt of Court Order of January 19th in order to avoid incarceration. Mrs Kramer’s signature on the false document would have absolved seven years of judicial, clerk, attorney and plaintiff misconduct aiding to defraud the public of billions of dollars over the mold issue. 

Mrs. Kramer chose unlawful incarceration over being coerced into colluding with the courts to defraud the public. As a result of speaking the truth in America, she was incarcerated, now has an undeserved jail record and a false Contempt of Court record. The Court is concealing that what they have done over the cases of Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer and Kelman v. Kramer has aided the science fraud of Mr. Kelman to continue to be used in US courts to deny and delay financial responsibility for stakeholders – primarily the insurance industry –  for causations of environmental illnesses.

Mr. Kelman’s prolific testimony throughout the US courts as an expert, toxic tort defense witness is that he has proven individuals “Could not be”  harmed by an environmental toxin. His testimony is based solely on a toxicology model.  That is not science now, and it never was. 

The Courts overseeing the seven year saga of Kelman v. Kramer know this. They know they are aiding the false science to continue to the detriment of the United States public and to the benefit of the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Read more at: ContemptOfCourtFor.ME

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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1 Response to Kelman v. Kramer ~ On March 26th the Honorable Thomas Nugent removed Sharon Kramer’s false Criminal Contempt Record given her on March 12th, while unlawfully incarcerated, and….

  1. bob says:

    Another case of special interest using the legal to silence opinions of people who are advocates for the 99%. In this case, they are erasing illegal records that violate the 1st amendment right to free speech.

    My son’s high school history book stated that the “police” shot and killed the 4 students at Kent State. This is a lie. The students where killed by the national guard. However, the constitution specifically forbids the national guard to be used against the citizens of the US. This lie is trying to erase this violation of our constitution, just like the above.

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