Please Sign Petition To California Comm on Judicial Performance Calling For Investigation Of Their Chairwoman et. al., Colluding To Defraud The Public

 & Threatening Incarceration Of An Honest US Citizen To Keep Her And Fellow Judiciary’s Unethical & Unlawful Conduct Hidden From Public View (This REQUEST for investigation is now closed. 106 endorsers in three days!  Thank you all for your help!)

Justice J. McConnell, Chair, Comm on Judicial Performance. Framed A Whistle Blower Of Science Fraud In US Public Health Policy For Libel In 2006. All Courts Followed Her Lead. Click On Her Picture To See How They Did It And Then Gagged The Whistle Blower From Writing Of What McConnell & Co Did To Defraud The Public.

Investigate Judicial Misconduct Aiding To Defraud of US Public

 Target: California Commission On Judicial Performance

~Chaired by Justice Judith McConnell


You don’t need a lot of money to cause a change. You just need a lot of people standing up for the TRUTH.

Please endorse this REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION                  

My name is Sharon Kramer. I need your help to force the California Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) to investigate their Chairwoman and several other judiciary involved in two related libel cases – or I am gong to be incarcerated on March 2, 2012 for exposing a scientific fraud in US public health policy that has been aided to continue by these judiciary practicing politics – not law – from the bench.

Not only do they now want me silenced of the science fraud in policy. They want me silenced of the unlawful and unethical actions of the judiciary involved in the cases, that have aided the science fraud to continue to harm the lives of thousands. I refuse to be silenced when so many lives hang in the balance.

The CJP does not have a good track record of disciplining well connected judges, including their Chairwoman. I am not the first to complain of her practicing politics from the bench, nor is this my first complaint against her.


I will be filing the complaint to the CJP on March 1, 2012, with the gorry details. The below petition (letter) of those encouraging they investigate in support of my evidence, will not go to the CJP unless I receive a minimum of 50 signers. All names to the CJP will be listed in alphabetical order. No names of signers go on the Internet until after the complaint is filed and there are at least 50 names.

Thank you for helping to keep me out of jail for speaking the truth inAmerica by letting them know PEOPLE ARE WATCHING!

For more detail of how and why the courts framed a whistle blower for libel, while KNOWING they were aiding a scientific fraud to continue in public health policy and US Courts,  READ MORE OF PREABLE

If you have seen enough that you would be willing to sign on to a request they investigate so they know people are watching, skip to the lengthy petition letter to the CJP below.


Thank you!




“We, the undersigned are urging the Commission to investigate the judicial conduct in two related cases. If found guilty of conspiring to defraud the public by aiding with malicious Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation by unlawful means; please discipline your Chairwoman Justice Judith McConnell, along with five additional Fourth District Division One Appellate Court Justices and several Superior Court judges. They have been involved in the cases of Kelman & Globaltox v. Kramer Case No. GIN044539 and Kelman v. Kramer Case No. 37-2010-00061530 in the San Diego County Courts for now seven years.

For the past eight years, Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer has been a leading voice that has helped to reshape US public health policy with regard to illnesses caused by water damaged buildings. Her efforts have helped hundreds if not thousands of US citizens to be able to receive medical treatment and restitution for injuries caused by the buildings, by raising awareness of the potential for serious illness..

Her primary contribution to the issue has been to CAUSE a Federal Government Accountability Office Report in 2008. This report dispelled the scientific myth mass marketed to the courts and to physicians by the US Chamber of Commerce and affiliates, that it had been scientifically proven all claims of illness and death from “Toxic Mold” were only being made because of “Trial Lawyers, Media and Junk Science”.

Mrs. Kramer contends that the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court justices along with several lower court judges framed her for libel with actual malice in a litigation brought against her in 2005, by the authors of the US Chamber of Commerce’s mold position statement, Bruce J. Kelman and the corporation of which he is President, Veritox, Inc. (formerly known as GlobalTox, Inc.)

She contends that in a second litigation brought against her by Mr. Kelman, the court precluded her from writing of what the prior courts did to frame a whistle blower for libel as they suppressed the evidence the plaintiff committed perjury to establish a false theme for malice. They did this by enjoining her in the second case, from writing the exact words for which she contends she was framed by the courts in the first case, “altered his under oath statements”.

Mrs. Kramer contends this is for the purpose of the judiciary involved to try to stop their collective and unlawful misdeeds from coming to public light. Misdeeds that permitted false science to remain in US policy and US courts far longer than it should have, with it still able to be used to sell doubt of causation in the courts and many US physicians still misinformed.

According to Mrs. Kramer, the judiciary involved tried to shoot the messenger and are now trying to bury the bullets – costing Mrs. Kramer all she owns to defend the truth of her words for the public good with lives still being devastated because of their unethical conduct.

Mrs. Kramer sent a LETTER to the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court in September of 2011 [sic and others including Justice McConnell and the Judicial Council of CA] seeking help to stop the six years worth of harassment by the courts. She had to use the words that were the sole cause of action and for which she was framed in the first case and gagged by court order in the second, “altered his under oath statements”, to explain what occurred and the continued adverse impact from the judicial unethical and unlawful behavior.

Instead of help from the Chief Justice, Mrs. Kramer contends she received a Contempt of Court JUDGMENT, over $19,000 in sanctions & attorney fees and a sentence of five days in jail to commence on March 2, 2012.

The March 2005 writing of Mrs. Kramer’s for which she contends the courts framed her for libel and then gagged her from writing of what they had done, was the catalyst for change over the mold issue. It was the first public writing to expose who was involved in mass marketing misinformation into policy and to the courts ove the mold issu and how they were connected in the marketing.

There would appear to be validity in Mrs. Kramer’s claims of judicial misconduct. It is a matter of public record that in 2006 and again in 2010, the Appellate justices’ unpublished opinions made Mrs. Kramer’s writing of 2005 falsely look like she had accused Mr. Kelman of lying on the witness stand about being paid to make revisions to a medical association mold position statement, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM).” 



(Conclusion of the Request that the Commission on Judicial Performance investigate their Chairwoman, five additional justices in the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court, several Superior Court judges including but not limited to, Judge Thomas Nugent, Judge Michael Orfield (retired) and Judge Lisa C. Schall for conspiring to defraud the public.)

“There is good reason for the Commission on Judicial Performance to investigate the judiciary involved in these two cases against Mrs. Kramer. It would appear the courts framed a whistle blower of fraud in public health policy for libel with actual malice in one case and have attempted to gag her ability to write of the judicial misconduct and the defrauding of the public, in a second case. It would appear that the courts are intending to incarcerate a never impeached UScitizen who helped to reshape UShealth policy to conceal their unethical and unlawful misdeeds; and to punish her for refusing to be silenced.

The matter should be easy for the Commission to investigate. Any of judiciary involved need only provide two pieces of evidence to prove Mrs. Kramer is incorrect about her allegations of their unethical and unlawful conduct aiding to defraud the public and to punish & incarcerate a never impeached US citizen to conceal their collective misdeeds.

The two pieces of evidence they need to provide to show they did not unlawfully frame a whistleblower for libel with actual malice are:

1. the direct evidence that Mrs. Kramer was ever impeached as to the subjective belief in her words “altered his under oath statements” were referring to Mr. Kelman attempting to say that the US Chamber mold statement was not connected to ACOEM mold statement, while also having to admit they were closely connected.

2. the direct evidence corroborating Mr. Kelman’s and his attorney Mr. Scheuer’s stated reason why Mrs. Kramer harbored personal malice for Mr. Kelman, was not perjury to establish a false theme for malice.

We would hate to see an honest US citizen be incarcerated because they exposed a fraud in public health policy against tall odds and unethical judicial conduct is being concealed. It is the courts’ duty to defend the Constitution and the right to speak the truth in California. When unlawful and unethical conducts stops them from protecting the rights of US citizens to speak the truth for the public good over a matter of this magnitude, discipline of those involved by the Commission is mandatory.

The Commission on Judicial Performance is the independent state agency responsible for investigating complaints of judicial misconduct and for disciplining judges, pursuant to article VI, section 18 of the California Constitution. The Commission’s mandate is to protect the public, enforce rigorous standards of judicial conduct and maintain public confidence in the integrity and independence of the judicial system.

We thank you in advance for protecting public health and the Constitution of theUnited States.”


Follow Sharon on Facebook as she battles the compromised judicial system of California at Justice For Sharon Noonan Kramer

Please add comment below regarding how Justice McConnell & Co.’s  actions have impacted YOUR life. The devastation caused by their aiding the fraud that it has been scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm, to continue for now seven years in US public health policy and US courts, by falsely deeming a whistle blower of the fraud to be a “malicious liar” needs to be brought to public light. 

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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7 Responses to Please Sign Petition To California Comm on Judicial Performance Calling For Investigation Of Their Chairwoman et. al., Colluding To Defraud The Public

  1. Laguna / De Paul says:

    Our Lives have been severely impacted by the actions of Justice McConnell & Co.’s . We were both productive members of society, good jobs, good income. We relied on no gov assistance. We are now both severely disabled. I have 3 lung diseases and no treatment. We both suffer from chronic brain inflammation. We are homeless, on disability which does NOT cover our needs. We have no medical care. Our lives for ever changed due to the deceit in Ca courts. They are a disgrace to the justice system. Should be removed from office. Pay all of us for the harm you have caused to so many lives.

  2. Pauline Boyd says:

    This is such a coinsedence that I just lost my mold case in the CA court system. I have been fighting non-stop after living in a toxic mold home for 5 yrs, the landlord covered it up, lied, forced me out to homelessness, disabled and extremely ill. Went to trial had ineffective counsel sooo bad and lost to a jury trial, I am now in the middle of trying to file my appeal on my own with no help. I am trying to find help to file the appellate brief , I am so proud of Sharon for standing strong to help other victims like me. I gladly sign the petition for Sharon Cramer and hope that I can help in any way possible. If there is anyone out there that can help me with getting my brief completed in 60 days please let me know.
    Pauline F. Boyd

  3. katy says:


    So sorry to hear you are caught in the mess called “California Family Court”. This is coming from the top down in the CA judicial system. Please go to our new sister blog, “ContemptOfCourtFor.Me”. Endorse that the CA Comm on Judicial Performance investigate their Chairwoman, Judith McConnell, for conspiring to defraud the public on behalf of the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce. This will take you to a GoPetition link. Please briefly tell your story there. It will be mailed to the Commission on your behalf. It will help us ALL if this compromised politician disguised as an ethical judge is removed as the chair of the CA “independent state agency” that is to police ethics in CA’s judicial branch.

    Then go down the right side of the page of ContemptOfCourtFor.ME and find a link to “Blind Bulldog”. These people fight corruption in Ca’s family court. They may be able to help you get started on how to organize a blog. When you are all set, send us the link and we will help you get it out to public view.

  4. Ginny says:

    Can someone tell me how to do this for my case as well. I have easily provable case and am starting to put it all up on I am putting up all details, all transcripts, all evidence, 8000 pages worth. It is time consuming, but laws need to change now. Judges need to be held accountable for taking bribes or yielding to threats.

  5. Dana Toliver says:

    Because of the ACOEM’s position paper authored by Kelman and Hardin, I was denied twice for disability and have now been awaiting a decision by an Appeals court in CA. I have no doubt in my mind that if it wasn’t for the ACOEM, the US Chamber and the corruption going on in the CA. courts, I would have had a favorable decision from the start. My lawyer calls my case, “A travesty”. My case of illness from toxic mold exposure is well documented dating from 1998 – 2011 along with a detailed symptom journal dating back to 2004. This has impacted my life severely. I have been unable to get tests and treatments. It took me from 1996 to 2005 just to find a doctor who knew and understood what toxic mold exposure can do and to get an accurate diagnosis. I have been unable to work since 2003 and have since lost all resources available (ie: income, insurance) that I had as of Oct. 2011. I am living off of borrowed money and borrowed time. Instead of getting better, I am getting worse with no treatments. What do they expect people to do? I paid into the system and the system has screwed me over!

  6. Diana Barr says:

    Thanks for your work!

  7. Dr. Jennifer Boudreaux says:

    This is the kind of thing that has led to my suffering from the age of 29 to 38 (so far); my losing my career and my home; my being disabled and homeless for nearly four years now; and my being unable to access medical care due to poverty and loss of job-related health insurance. All of this is because of the efforts to silence the truth about the health effects of water-damaged buildings and mold. Were this to be acknowledged, I would have the funds and medical help that would allow me to return to a productive life, rather than wasting the best years of my life in limbo and being a burden on friends and society. Then again, if the truth were known, there would have been no moldy building to have made me sick in the first place.

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