Sam M Gibbons US Courthouse – Tampa – Get to the bottom of faulty courthouse and feigned ignorance by politicians

St Peterburg Times, February 8, 2011

Get to the bottom of faulty courthouse and feigned ignorance by politicians

“The latest insult to those who work at the courthouse came in January. In the midst of $39 million in repairs and upgrades to the $85 million building, including waterproofing, a GSA spokesman contended mold problems in the courthouse had been solved. Less than a week later — after a meeting with outraged U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla. — the GSA apparently reversed course and agreed to investigate whether air-conditioning ducts or some other agents are carrying mold…
Nelson says he’ll keep the pressure on until he’s sure the courthouse is safe for federal workers. Someone needs to; the landlord certainly hasn’t.”
It always amazes me when I read that some DC politician is claiming outrage over the issue of federal and non-federal employees being made ill and even dying from water damaged buildings…when the cameras and newsprint are rolling. They know EXACTLY what is going on and how the US Chamber of Commerce has had its dirty fingers in this issue for years. It’s all here in linked legal documents, payment records, and DC’s and the State of California’s involvement in aiding & abetting this.


Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History & Not Well-Behaved Women Who Become Judicial Puppets Of The US Chamber of Commerce Need To Be Stopped

Sam M Gibbons US Courthouse – Tampa judge, clerk dispute feds over court repairs – “Of the building’s landlord, the General Services Administration, Kovachevich bluntly said, “They don’t care.” – “…call into question the GSA’s insistence that mold and mildew problems have been eliminated”

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