The buildings are squalid, the tenants are fed up, and the landlords? They’re still in business

The buildings are squalid, the tenants are fed up, and the landlords? They’re still in business

National Apartment Association Tells Its Members MOLD CAUSES DEATH; Tells Courts It Doesn’t With The Help of US Chamber and UCLA

Thank You National Apartment Association. I will do my best to get this very important information out ASAP to numerous owners, investors, huge property management companies (e.g., Riverstone Residential), attorneys, and judges, AND, of course, to the MANY people who are currently living in MOLD-INFESTED APARTMENT COMPLEXES right now! katy

Information about Riverstone Residential, the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, the State of Louisiana, and the owners of Jefferson Lakes Apartments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana allowing tenants to be exposed to extreme amounts of toxins from molds by intentionally concealing evidence

Irrefutable evidence indicates that Riverstone Residential, Guarantee Service Team of Professionals, & plaintiffs’ attorney, J Arthur Smith III, must have agreed to exclude evidence that would have shown the owners of Jefferson Lakes Apartments & Riverstone Residential had knowledge of the severe MOLD INFESTATION at the complex before we moved in

Riverstone Residential Litigation
Mold Inspection Reports
Photos of Mold in Apartment
Attorney Malpractice
Links – Riverstone Residential Mold & Illegal Business Practice Complaints& More!
Question to Kevin H. Brown, CEO of the National Apartment Association – “So, aptly spoken…are you lying to your members or lying to the courts?” Just Answer The Damn Question!
Political Action Committee – National Apartment Association (NAA) files Amicus Brief in mold case (two infant deaths in mold filled apt – Wasatch Prop Mgmt) citing US Chamber/ACOEM ‘litigation defense report’ to disclaim healtheffects of indoor mold & limit financial risk for industry
ARIZONA APPELLATE COURT DEFINES “OUTRAGEOUS! BEHAVIOR” AND THEN PROCEEDS TO PRACTICE IT – Fraud In Health Marketing By the US Chamber of Commerce et al. Submitting Known False Legal Documents By Licensed Attorneys
U.S. Chamber of Commerce & Deceit in Mold Litigation
Request for Transparency & Oversight of Federal Funds Used to Educate US Pediatricians of Children’s Illnesses Caused by Water Damaged Buildings (“WDB”)
WorkCompCentral: Scientists, Physicians, Attorneys; Citizens Lodge Concern Regarding ACOEM 2010 Mold Statement Revisions Being A Continued Aid For Workers Comp Insurer Fraud Over Mold Issue. Request Transparency and Government Oversight Of ACOEM Peer ReviewProcess
TRUTH OUT Sharon Kramer Letter To Andrew Saxon MOLD ISSUE
“Changes in construction methods have caused US buildings to become perfect petri dishes for mold and bacteria to flourish when water is added. Instead of warning the public and teaching physicians that the buildings were causing illness; in 2003 the US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform, a think-tank, and a workers comp physician trade organization mass marketed an unscientific nonsequitor to the courts to disclaim the adverse health effects to stave off liability for financial stakeholders of moldy buildings. Although publicly exposed many times over the years, the deceit lingers in US courts to this very day.”
Sharon Noonan Kramer

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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1 Response to The buildings are squalid, the tenants are fed up, and the landlords? They’re still in business

  1. Kendra says:

    I am in the process of trying to put together a mold claim against Fox Hall Apartments/Home Properties in Nottingham, Maryland. They need to be put on your list of notorious landlords; they lure financially strained people in with lax credit checks and low security deposits and then when you realize your living in mold infested building they do nothing to help you. I moved into Fox Hall in 2009 with my 5 month old son. He developed breathing problems and was constantly at the doctors, Ten months after moving in we had a pipe burst and this was when I discovered the mold inside the walls and painted over all along the baseboards and under the carpets. It took them 10 days to find the cause of the flooding and during this time they left 2 inches of standing water in our bedroom and spreading down the hall. No remediation was done to the mold found behind the walls, they simply covered it up with new drywall as I watched ( taking pictures as they worked). I asked to have the air quality tested and have a mold test done, they wouldn’t, so I paid for this out of pocket. Thank God it was “black” mold, but high levels of penicillium/aspergillus group fungi. The neighbor across the hall moved around this time because she had mushrooms growing out if her carpet. To make a long story somewhat short, after much hassle we were able to move to a “upgrade” unit (for an increase in rent OF COURSE). I thought maybe an upgraded unit would be better. Instead it was worse! The “upgraded” units were in fact the older building and they were 10xs worse underneath the new paint and sparkly appliances. Two of the four units on our floor vacated while we were there due to mold. They had contractors come in and rip these units apart. We were not notified and the contractors had no certification or knowledge in protocols for mold removal. The neighbor across the hall had mold growing in her closets and on her walls in her sons bedroom, which they had come out and “cleaned” for her numerous times, until they finally did the “RIGHT” thing and gave her walls a fresh coat of paint. Her son had nosebleeds and constant headaches, but she couldn’t afford to move. Neither could I, but my sons health had become increasingly worse. I had taken him for chest xrays and sweat tests. Then the contractors informed us (after 2months of work) what they had been doing. It all made sense at that point! My son had seemed to get a little better when we first moved, but once they started tearing the vacant units up and all that poison went airborne he was miserable!! They didn’t care! They did let me out of my lease, but only because they didn’t want to deal with me anymore. I have talked to 2 lawyers, they said mold cases are hard to fight so they didn’t take them… guess I’m on my own. I wish that someone would just STOP this complex from operating this way!! We moved out in May 2012, and while my sons breathing has improved, he is often sick (as I type now he is on my lap with a fever asleep) and I don’t care what anybody says… I know it has something to do with living those vulnerable years in that filth!
    Thanks for reading my rant!! Keep up what your doing, I thinks it’s terrible that more laws aren’t put in place to protect people from these things!

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