Doctors are Threatening Class Action against Corporate Controlled ACOEM

Doctors are Threatening Class Action against Corporate Controlled ACOEM

ToxLaw Post: Pain Management Doctors Threaten ACOEM with Class Action – Experts Predict Harm to Patients – “We’re talking class action. We see this as pandering to the insurance companies,”…

Oh Boy! ACOEM seems to be at it again! Wonder if the US Chamber and the Manhattan Institute think-tank are going to pay their revisers of their Mold Illness Policy to write a “lay translation” for judges just like last time? Wonder if they used expert defense witnesses from Big Tobacco to write this one, too?

Request for Transparency & Oversight of Federal Funds Used to Educate US Pediatricians of Children’s Illnesses Caused by Water Damaged Buildings (“WDB”)


WorkCompCentral: Scientists, Physicians, Attorneys & Citizens Lodge Concern Regarding ACOEM 2010 Mold Statement Revisions Being A Continued Aid For Workers Comp Insurer Fraud Over Mold Issue. Request Transparency and Government Oversight Of ACOEM Peer Review Process

Citizens, Taxpayers and Concerned Scientists Urge Transparency In Workers’ Comp Medical Association Guidelines Used To Determine Environmentally Injured Worker’s Comp Insurer Benefits & Request Government Oversight To Curtail Insurer Cost Shifting Onto Taxpayer Funded Disability Programs For Work Related Injuries

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