BP Gulf Oil Spill Fishing Waters Reopened Despite Lack Of Testing Required By Federal Protocols – Alexander Higgins Blog

BP Gulf Oil Spill Fishing Waters Reopened Despite Lack Of Testing Required By Federal Protocols


It’s not so much beyond comprehension the government would lie or skew the facts concerning ALL of the health issues in the BP GULF OF MEXICO OIL SPILL DISASTER, they do that with many health issues to stave off liability for financial stakeholders.

It IS beyond comprehension that this is SO VERY OBVIOUS and happening on such a large scale, in real time, along with the very obvious manipulation of information people see, including the Internet.         


READ THIS ARTICLE by Alexander Higgens

“That means that thousands of people who chose to eat seafood from the Gulf of Mexico could die because the Federal Government has decided that in the grand scheme of things economic considerations are far more important than a few thousands of people dying.”

“As if it weren’t already bad enough that the Government is misleading the public about the safety of public beaches and lying about water samples to save BP billions the Government has now decided to implement a variety of methods including sidestepping protocols and has implementing a variety of methods to skew the test data used to justify the reopening the waters to fishing.”  

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