Governor Schwarzenegger Picks Tani Cantil-Sakauye As Ca Chief Justice ~ Will She Mold Justice for the People of California?

Congratulations To Justice Cantil-Sakauye On Her Nomination ~ SFGate 7-22-10 ~ “The governor plucked appellate court judge Tani Cantil-Sakauye from near obscurity Wednesday when he named her to succeed Chief Justice Ronald George, who retires Jan. 2…The governor formally introduced Cantil-Sakauye during a packed news conference under the Capitol dome. The short, trim Cantil-Sakauye, 50, said she was humbled by the nomination and spoke briefly in generalities about her judicial philosophy. ‘Courts right the wrong and vanquish the indignities,’ she said….Cantil-Sakauye would be the first Filipina-American to become chief justice and just the second woman to serve in the post after Rose Bird, who voters ousted from the Supreme Court in 1986. Cantil-Sakauye has served on the 3rd District Court of Appeal since Schwarzenegger appointed her to the Sacramento-based court in 2005….George called Cantil-Sakauye the ideal person to lead the nation’s largest court system. He particularly noted her two years of administrative service on the 28-member Judicial Council, which controls the court system’s $4 billion annual budget and sets policy for the state’s 1,700 judges. ‘This will go down as one of the most exceptional decisions of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s administration,” said George, who told the governor the nomination was one of his ‘finest legacies’…Legal analysts said Cantil-Sakauye’s legal opinions reflect a moderate Republican philosophy in the same mold as George..”

Another influential court post could be open soon ~ LA Times Blog 7-22-10 ~ Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to name Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye as California’s next chief justice so quickly -– it has been only a week since Chief Justice Ronald George announced his retirement –- because the administration was already vetting her for a promotion. Arthur Scotland, presiding justice of the state’s 3rd District Court of Appeal, said he told the Schwarzenegger administration about three weeks ago that, though he had not yet filed any retirement paperwork, he was considering stepping down this year. And Scotland said he, along with “every justice on this court, ‘had endorsed Cantil-Sakauye “to be the presiding justice when I retire.”

Gov. Schwarzenegger, President of the Regents of the University of California, at CA Chamber of Commerce Event ~ News Blaze 5-18-10 ~ “Well, I think it is – you know, Workers’ Compensation was a perfect example, because we did the reforms that gave back to the private sector $50 billion-plus in these last few years since we have had Workers’ Comp reform…. I have experts in my office that are – you know, like they have in rescue, they have those sniffing dogs? Well, I have sniffing dogs over there that sniff out job killers. (laughter) And they sniff from the time they start passing bills upstairs, or to debate the bills upstairs, they’re already sniffing. And then they come to me and they tell me about all of those job killers. And then I sit down and I look at them and I say, ‘Hasta la vista, baby.” (laughter)

The Money That Fueled California’s Election Revolt ~ Businessweek 6-16-10 ~ “How Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and state business leaders bankrolled Proposition 14 to toss out party primaries…Arnold Schwarzenegger ends his seven-year run as California’s governor with a 23 percent approval rating and a $19.1 billion budget deficit…Schwarzenegger’s political action committee, plus and some prominent California executives, raised $4.6 million to promote the referendum… “It makes me sick, this state is so dysfunctional,” says Los Angeles real estate developer Brian Harvey, who contributed $100,000 to support the measure (says), “I think this will attract more moderate candidates.” Other backers such as.. the California Chamber of Commerce ($720,000) hope that the new system, in which the top two candidates chosen by all registered voters would face off in general elections, will bring more moderation to California politics…Proposition 14 had been denounced by labor groups and the state’s six recognized political parties, some of which may mount a legal challenge. ‘The whole purpose of this is so the Chamber of Commerce can try to get business-friendly Democrats elected, who don’t support global warming, environmental legislation, or labor protection bills,’ says John Burton, head of the state’s Democratic Party. ‘This isn’t going to change anything.”

Agnotology is “the study of culturally-induced ignorance or doubt, particularly the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data. Ignorance is often not merely the absence of knowledge but an outcome of cultural and political struggle.”  It is time to say “Hasta la vista, Baby” to the fraud in health marketing that aids to increase profits of the industry affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce, primarily insurers, and under the marketing spin in terminology of Workers’ Comp “Reform”.

Agnotology, the adverse impact it has had on California workers, US society and its threat to Democracy as a whole is demonstrated by using the mold issue. In 2003 the US Chamber published and mass disseminated a medico-legal off white paper that professed it was scientifically proven all claims of illness and death from exposure to the toxic components of mold were only being made because of “trial lawyers, media, and Junk Science”.  This fraud in health marketing by the US Chamber that is used to save workers comp and property casualty insurers money, is one in the collection of a series of publications used to instill bias in the courts favorable to industry. Two key others are the position statements of two US medical associations: American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) and American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI).  These three papers all claim they are scientifically grounded and are substantiated by the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine (IOM) when purportedly scientifically establishing lack of causation of illness from mold.  They ARE NOT. They are frauds in health marketing used to stave off financial liability for the money crowd and are adverse to the health and safety of the American public and American worker.   All three of these papers, ACOEM, AAAAI and US Chamber of Commerce, carry the name “University of California” to lend credibility to the fallacy of their words. 

On April 28, 2010 a Letter was sent to UC Regent Schwarzenegger re: conflicts of interest within University of California medical teaching facilities used to teach the “environmental science” of the US Chamber. This fraud in health marketing that is used to bias the courts against the environmentally ill and against their legal and medical proponents; not only increases private sector insurer profits–the University of California (UC) profits from UC physician’s expert witness fees on behalf of the insurance industry. These fees can be as much as $900 per hour with the Regents keeping over half.  The Chair of the California Commission on Judicial Performance, Justice Judith McConnell, also received a copy of the April 28th letter sent to the Regents of the UC and other decision makers in California and nationwide. (see 4-28-10 “Truth Out” below).

The US Chamber medico-legal fraud in health marketing that carries the University of California name used to bias the courts:

1. Was a paid for hire endeavor.

2. The contract for its authorship was only between the Corp of GlobalTox (now VeriTox) and the Manhattan Institute think-tank (self professed “gurus of tort reform”)

3. Nowhere is UC name or the UC physician, Andrew Saxon MD, who purportedly co-authored, found anywhere within the paper – except as being listed as an author.

4. No hours were billed in the creation of the Chamber paper, for anyone conferring with Saxon, the UC physician.

5. Saxon claims under oath he had no knowledge he was named as authoring the US Chamber publication and had not even read it as late as 3 years after its publication. 

6. One Veritox owner, Kelman, has stated under oath that they were hired by the Manhattan Institute to write something for judges.

7. Another Veritox owner, Hardin, has stated under oath that the Chamber paper he co-authored with Kelman was a lobbying piece.

8. UC listed author, Saxon, was not paid, like Hardin and Kelman to author this fraud in health marketing.

9. No one claims authorship of the US Chamber publication on their CVs.

10. Saxon is the only physician and only non-Veritox owner listed as a purported co- author of the US Chamber paper– that falsely carries his and thus the UC name and bias the courts by lending false credibility to the US Chamber’s “environmental science”.

11. The Regents of the UC will take no action to have the UC name removed from the Chamber paper that is used to instill bias in the courts.

12.  Neither will Saxon. He can’t without exposing his ACOEM mold statement co-authors, Hardin and Kelman, for putting his and the UC name of the US Chamber marketing piece, without his knowledge.

13.  The University of California has generated much income via expert defense witness fees paid to the Regents when Saxon and other UC physicians use the Chamber et al’s, fraud in health marketing to bias the courts against injured workers and others.
14. ACOEM writes the workers comp guidelines that physicians in the State of California must follow under the guise of “Workers Comp “Reform”.
“We are cleaning up the system,” “We will terminate the fraud and abuse that was going on in the system.” “No longer will workers’ compensation be the poison of our economy.” “Those who were gaming the system, we’re saying, ‘Hasta la vista,’ because the game is over.” “California is open for business.”  Governor  Schwarzenegger, President of the Regents of the University of California before the California Chamber of Commerce. 2005
VIDEO: Watchdog On Science Blog – Corrupt Doctors: The Untold Mold Story ~ Worker’s Memorial Day, Los Angeles 8-09 ~ This is HOW the elaborate SCAM works that enables commerce & industry to deny liability for causation of worker illness and injury – while elected leaders from both parties turn a blind eye. (Note: the video link above regarding the systematic insurer fraud in Ca Workers Comp may be slow. It may also be viewed at:

Health complaints linked to former NASA site in Downey ~ LA Times  8-2-09 ~ “..carpenters, welders, electricians and other film production workers say they developed severe respiratory and other problems while working there and have never recovered. Film workers have given the name “Downey flu” to one particular cluster of symptoms — chronic congestion, headaches and rashes. Some have even refused to work there, a rare phenomenon in the tough, blue-collar world of set construction. At least 34 people have filed workers’ compensation claims over illnesses they trace to the studio complex. The Times obtained detailed records on 18 of the cases. In 11 — including Izumi’s — independent physicians found that some or all of the symptoms were caused or aggravated by working at Downey Studios. In three other cases, independent physicians — specialists certified by the state to offer neutral opinions in workers’ compensation cases — said the ailments appeared to be work-related but further tests were needed to make a determination. The tests were never performed because insurance companies contested the doctors’ findings and refused to pay for the tests…In their workers’ compensation claims, in injury complaints reported to Cal/OSHA and in a civil lawsuit, film-production workers cited a variety of potential causes, including mold, dust churned up during renovations at Downey Studios and toxic chemicals detected in the soil….Stuart Lichter, whose Industrial Realty Group operates Downey Studios, rejected the idea that conditions at the site made anyone sick….David White, a lawyer for the company, said there was no evidence linking the workers’ health problems to Downey.”

State of California retaliates against injured Social Service worker for asking mold questions ~ Ukiah Daily Journal 7-20-10 ~ “A county employee who spoke up about a mold problem in the Mendocino County Social Services building on South State Street in Ukiah was put on administrative leave the day after a meeting held to inform employees about the problem…said he was escorted out of his office at 8 a.m. the day after the meeting. ‘I asked how long they knew about (the mold problem),’ Marmon said of his participation in the meeting…State health inspectors started inspecting the county building Monday after a county employee complained about the mold problem in late June, according to Krissann Chasarik, spokeswoman for the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health, known as Cal/OSHA….the same employee recently reported the steps the county took to correct the problem weren’t adequate…he asked whether the county had looked behind the sheet rock in the areas concerned…the building leaked before he started working there in 2007, and has poor ventilation. The floor mat under his desk and some of his colleagues’ floor mats had red Xs on them for weeks before the county told them why, he said. The county didn’t tell Marmon why he was placed on paid administrative leave, according to a retaliation complaint Marmon filed with the state Department of Industrial Relations’ Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. Marmon wrote he was “only told that I was under investigation.’ He continued, ‘It is a means of intimidation to stop me from testifying and leading others to testify.’..but letters he received concerning that complaint imply Marmon isn’t under investigation. Marmon said he had been experiencing extreme fatigue in recent weeks, and knew of several other employees who had experienced health problems. ‘It’s like the walking wounded in there,’ he said. ‘The employees are disgusted.’ Marmon said when he brought up prior complaints about the ventilation and mold during the July 14 meeting, he was told there had been no other complaints. Jacqueline Carvallo of SEIU Local 1021 said the union is aware of the mold problem, and confirmed several county employees in the building have filed workers’ compensation claims. “There have been respiratory concerns, and one employee complained of nose bleeds,” Carvallo said. ‘Until someone takes a stand you sometimes don’t realize how severe the problem is.’..If mold colonies proliferate indoors, they can cause symptoms including allergic reactions, breathing problems, lung infections and possibly kidney and liver damage in cases of toxic molds…No one at the county Social Services Department or the county Human Resources Department returned phone calls on this issue.”

Would a Kennedy be treated like this? ~ Westchester Magazine 5-3-10 ~ “ What They’re Not Saying (But We Will) ..but here’s another no-so awe-inspiring tale that you won’t find between the two covers of that recently released controversial book….No one is talking, and the more we ask, the more they clam up….Kennedy tells of returning home with his wife Mary from a Cape Cod vacation in 1996 to find that their sprawling clapboard 1920 structure with 1950s aluminum siding had flooded while they were away. They were greeted with a black mold bloom that made everyone sick….’When visitors with hacking coughs fled our home for fresh air, I taunted them…’…after unsuccessfully attempting a gut renovation, the family finally reached the conclusion that the only solution was to rebuild from the ground up. ….RFK Jr., an environmental advocate extraordinaire, said he figured it was about time he started ‘walking the walk in my own home.”
U.S. Chamber of Commerce & Insurer Deceit in Mold Litigation ~ Katy’s Exposure 7-7-10 ~ “Changes in construction methods have caused US buildings to become perfect petri dishes for mold and bacteria to flourish when water is added. Instead of warning the public and teaching physicians that the buildings were causing illness; in 2003 the US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform, a think-tank, and a workers comp physician trade organization, ACOEM, mass marketed an unscientific nonsequitor to the courts to disclaim the adverse health effects to stave off liability for financial stakeholders of moldy buildings. Although publicly exposed many times over the years, the deceit lingers in US courts and public health policy while insurers continue to profit from the politically sanctioned perversity, to this very day.” 

National Apartment Association Tells Members Mold Causes Dealth; Tells Courts It Doesn’t With The Help of US Chamber and University of California ~ Katy’s Exposure 5-19-10 ~ National Apartment Association Blog – Mold: Your Silent Enemy (5-19-2010) “Remember, mold can cause major health problems and even death. Don’t let it get out of control and affect your company or your residents.”  National Apartment Association Amicus Curiae Brief (8-31-2009), in a litigation involving infant mortality, a $25M insurance policy of the property mgmt company: ‘In a report entitled, ‘A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold’, a panel of scientists, including toxicologists and industrial hygienists stated that years of intense study have failed to produce any causal connection between exposure to indoor mold and adverse health effects.’ U.S. Chamber of Commerce, A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold (2003)”. [Listed & purported co-author, Andrew Saxon, UCLA].
TRUTH OUT Letter To CA Regents, Judicuaries, Legislators ~ Katy’s Exposure 4.28/10 ~ (Written as a first person epic letter to UC’s Saxon. Evidenced in links by legal documents from several cases, medical journal publishings and investigative journalist publications, etc.) “Much like the USA went to war based on the frenzied hype and false marketing to decision makers that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; all three of these closely related medico-legal policy setters, ACOEM’s, AAAAI’s & US Chamber’s, all naming Andrew Saxon as co-authoring and thus all carrying the University of California’s imprimatur, are used in marketing the false scientific concept to the courts and into US health policy that Hardin and Kelman could legitimately apply math extrapolations to data they took from a single intratracially instilled mechanistic study by Dr. Carol Rao; mix several hypotheticals into the equation; and then mass market via medical associations, teaching hospitals and the US Chamber; what is a nonsequitor of science that flies in the face of the basic tenets of toxicology and common sense. Ie, Based on this one set of calculations, Hardin and Kelman professed to prove the toxic components of mold that are found in water damaged buildings are purportedly scientifically established to pose no threat to human health. Thus, sick little children in the USA, who claim moldy (and insured) buildings are making them seriously ill with chronic immune system inflammations brought on by microbial toxins, are Evil Doers out to scam insurers – and so are their weeping mothers. Best summed up by a Sacramento, California judge, Huge Leap of purported science.  According to the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine, Damp Indoor Spaces and Health Report (2004), Chapter Four Toxicity Summary, this is not a method of risk assessment that can legitimately be used to scientifically conclude causation of human illness -or lack there of – from exposure to microbial toxins that are found in water damaged buildings….US public health policy over the mold issue has been legitimized by flawed hypotheses & flawed extrapolations much like drunken men use lamp-posts for support rather than illumination…. Hardin, retired high level CDC/NIOSH employee, was never disclosed to be an owner of VeriTox or a party to the Kelman Case on the Certificate of Interested Parties submitted to the Appellate Court in 2006. When denying the anti-SLAPP motion, the current Chair of the California Commission on Judicial Performance, Justice Judith McConnell, wrote the anti-SLAPP opinion being informed and evidenced, via Hardin/Kelman testimony from other cases yet ignoring this fact. The courts were also informed via irrefutable evidence, that undisclosed party, Hardin’s business partner, Kelman, committed perjury to establish a fictional reason for malice for him, personally – in a libel litigation where his sole claim of the case is that he was maliciously accused of committing perjury by the use of the phrase “altered his under oath statements”. This phrase just happened to be in the same writing that was the first to publicly write of the deceit of the US Chamber paper, how it was connected to ACOEM’s and how a jury was able to see through the deceit when the papers’ author, Kelman, was forced to discuss them together. It was a unanimous, unpublished Appellate opinion issued on November 16, 2006 with Justices Cynthia Aaron and Alex McDonald concurring – and no one addressing the evidence that NIOSH Hardin’s name was oddly missing from the Certificate of Interested Parties or that his US Chamber co-author and business partner, Kelman, was committing criminal perjury to establish a libel law needed reason for personal malice. When also provided with unrefuted evidence, four San Diego lower court judges failed to understand this – just like the anti-SLAPP Appellate panel did in 2006. The San Diego courts have been provided uncontroverted and irrefutable evidence of Kelman’s perjury to establish a needed libel law reason for malice for him personally, no less than fifteen times since September of 2005.

Judicial Campaigns May Put Democracy at Risk, CJP Chair McConnell Says ~ Metropolitan News-Enterprise 5-24-10 ~ “American democracy ‘may well be at risk’ as judicial campaigns turn into special-interest funded political contests in which candidates are pressured into taking political stances, Fourth District Court of Appeal Presiding Justice Judith McConnell told a community forum. McConnell, who in addition to presiding over Div. One is the chair of the Commission on Judicial Performance and a member of the Statewide Commission for Impartial Courts, made the remarks Thursday night at Southwestern Law School….’Judicial independence does not mean judges are unaccountable or allowed to follow their whims, it means they are independent of the other branches of government,’ she explained. To maintain that independence, she opined, candidates for election to the bench need to avoid the types of ‘nasty’ campaigning often associated with those seeking executive and legislative posts. Judges, she said, ‘should not be accountable to politicians…or the clamor of the moment…’ The CJP chair also voiced frustration at the fact that while the commission has disciplined judges for election-related ethics violations—the State Bar has never disciplined an attorney for misconduct in the capacity of a judicial candidate, even though the Rules of Professional Conduct authorize it to do so.”

California IS Open For Business ~ IJOEH 10-07 ~ “The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) is a professional association that represents the interests of its company employed physician members. Fifty years ago the ACOEM began to assert itself in the legislative arena as an advocate of limited regulation and enforcement of occupational health and safety standards and laws, and environmental protection. Today the ACOEM provides a legitimizing professional association for company doctors, and continues to provide a vehicle to advance the agendas of their corporate sponsors. Company doctors in ACOEM recently blocked attempts to have the organization take a stand on global warming. Company doctors employed by the petrochemical industry even blocked the ACOEM from taking a position on particulate air pollution. Industry money and influence pervade every aspect of occupational and environmental medicine. The controlling influence of industry over the ACOEM physicians should cease.”

Moldy UC Davis Dorm Gives UC Regents Financial Pony In the Race ~ Katy’s Exposure 7.01.01~ “Dear Ms. MacDonald (General Counsel, Regents UC) and Ms. Griffiths (Chief of Staff), Does the above UC Davis dorm situation have anything to do with the Regents of the UC’s failure to act to remove the influential UC name from the US Chamber’s mold publication that, as I have evidenced for you, is used in litigation to deny liability for claims of illness in workers and occupants caused by moldy buildings? Thank you in advance for your reply.”

UCWATCH.ORG – Accountable UC ~ Ongoing Research ~ “UC’s Regents are a far cry from reflecting California’s socio-economic diversity. Regents are mostly wealthy lawyers, politicians and businesspeople. Political money, political allegiances and business relationships rule where appointments to the Board of Regents are concerned, and several regents have very close personal and financial ties to the Governor. An appointment to the Board of Regents is yet another coveted resume builder for the state’s elite class of high-achieving investment bankers, corporate lawyers, and power brokers – never mind the ordinary Californians who the University is supposed to be here to serve. Finally, by virtue of their extremely deep reach into California’s corporate and political world, many Regents fill their roles on the Board while coming dangerously close to what amount to potential conflicts of interest. Is this really the best UC can do to meet the needs of all Californians?” (“The University is governed by The Regents, which under Article IX, Section 9 of the California Constitution has ‘full powers of organization and governance’ subject only to very specific areas of legislative control. The article states that “the university shall be entirely independent of all political and sectarian influence and kept free therefrom in the appointment of its Regents and in the administration of its affairs.”)

NIH Closing Loophole in University $$$ Conflict-of-Interest Rule ~National Institute of Health 7-21-10 ~ “Responding to yet another flap about the influence of drug companies on biomedical research, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has decided it needs more time to revise its rules for policing conflicts of interest….In May, the agency proposed new regulations….would require NIH-funded investigators to report more financial interests to their universities…. But, a month later, news emerged that Charles Nemeroff, who was banned by Emory University in 2008 from seeking NIH grants after he failed to report drug-company income, escaped that punishment simply by moving to the University of Miami…. (PHS stands for Public Health Service, which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services, NIH’s parent agency.) NIH had received more than 70 comments (see docket here) on the rule so far from universities, patient-advocacy groups, bioethicists, and others.” 

BP Oil Trolls Universities for Red Herrings & White Coated Bottom Feeders… ~ Sound Familiar???? ~   Press-Register 7-16-10 “For the last few weeks, BP has been offering signing bonuses and lucrative pay to prominent scientists from public universities around the Gulf Coast to aid its defense against spill litigation. BP PLC attempted to hire the entire marine sciences department at one Alabama university, according to scientists involved in discussions with the company’s lawyers.”

Numerous lobbyists do BP’s bidding Influence extends to both political parties ~ The Washington Times 6-13-10 ~ “Weeks after the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico began, the fundraising arm for Senate Democrats circulated a petition to hold BP “accountable” while accusing Republicans of making excuses for ‘bad environmental actors.’ The petition noted that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) paid for the message, but didn’t mention that the DSCC’s own source of cash includes tens of thousands of dollars in political contributions raised earlier this year by a BP-hired lobbyist….underscores the significant political muscle BP still has on Capitol Hill with both political parties, despite the outcries from lawmakers and the White House for a full investigation of the oil company’s role in the spill and its response. ‘BP is one of the strongest lobbying and political forces in Washington, D.C….. ‘They’ve consistently spent millions of dollars every year on federal lobbying and, in the most recent years, they’ve increased the output to new heights.’….The firm hosted a fundraiser for California U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina (R) in April, …BP spent a ‘massive’ $16 million on lobbyists to influence federal legislation last year, ranking it second behind Conoco Phillips among oil and gas companies….spent a half-million dollars in campaign donations to federal candidates during the 2008 election cycle, with about 40 percent going to Democrats and $71,000 to President Obama, according to the center….BP-tied contributions ran by a 3-to-1 ratio in favor of Republicans about a decade ago but that Republicans have received 56 percent compared with 43 percent to Democrats this election cycle.”

BPEPA Lack of Transparency is Transparent ~ Mother Jones 7-20-10 ~ “Environmental Protection Agency staff member is accusing his employer of being coy…EPA officials know that the chemicals present a threat to public health and the Gulf ecosystem and should be banned; they just don’t want to say so…..Kaufman, a senior policy analyst in the EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, alleges that agency administrator Lisa Jackson sidestepped the issue last week in her answers to questions about whether the agency has the authority to call off use of dispersants in the Gulf. The agency is deliberately downplaying the threat—and its own role in regulating the chemicals—to protect itself from liability and keep the public from getting too alarmed….at least 10 other EPA staffers, including several toxicologists…raise concerns about dispersants and other health problems in the Gulf, claiming that their superiors at the agency are not doing due diligence when it comes to dispersants. ‘What’s going on in the Gulf is the same cover up that was going with the 9/11 environmental issue,’ said Kaufman. ‘The Bush White House ordered EPA to lie about the environmental and public health situation at the World Trade Center because of economic ramifications. So they did.’…’I’ve been through this before,’ he continued. ‘It was the same kind of crap.’ …”I’m not partisan,” he says. ‘I just want an honest EPA…”

Chamber Of Commerce Says Taxpayers Should Help Pay For BP Spill Cleanup ~Huffington Post 6-10-10~ “Hey there, Americans! I’m sure, by now, many of you have had some time to reflect on the massive, unfolding Deepwater Horizon oil disaster and thought to yourselves, “My, that really is a terrible, apocalyptic cock-up!” But have you gone so far as to think to yourself, “My, that really is a terrible, apocalyptic cock-up, the costs of which I should logically be burdened with, because I am responsible for everything that happened?” No? Well, you should maybe start thinking that way, because the U.S. Chamber of Commerce thinks you should! You know, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce typically doesn’t put itself out there as a big fan of socialism. But that all changes when we’re talking about risk and liability.”

Injured Biotech Worker Gets Day In Court ~ Open Salon 1-23-10 ~ “This again is not the exception. In the case of biotech worker David Bell at Agraquest in Davis, California [as in biotech – UC Davis], the company also worked to prevent seriously ill Bell from finding out what he was working with even though he needed it for his medical care. After years of struggle he eventually discovered from the Mayo clinic that he had 19 substances in his body likely from the company. These included histo yeast, a mold that is found in soil. It was in his blood serum and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention affects the lungs and organs and other organs and can be fatal if not treated. Yet the company and their insurer Liberty Mutual still denied liability for his workers compensation claim. The drive of these biotech and other companies of course is to limit their liability and their costs. If they can prevent injured workers from finding out what has injured them, they are no longer liable for the cost and in many cases; the public is stuck with the bill. In the case of David Bell, over $333,000 was spent by Social Security to keep him alive and he is still fighting for his life. Bell never believed that this company would put in him and others in deadly danger in order to get their product on the market quickly without any holdups.”

Buck the insurance industry, go to jail ~ Alliance for Natural Health 7-20-10 ~ Keep in mind also that it is not just doctors that defraud the government’s medical programs. Drug companies have also been found guilty of this. Although they have paid some fines, we haven’t yet seen any Pharma executive go to jail, and no one expects that ever to happen. In 1996, Senator Ted Kennedy added to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act new anti-fraud provisions providing for jail terms of up to ten years. If a patient dies while being given the “medically unnecessary” treatment and the government decides that the treatment caused the death, the doctor can go to jail for life. This legislation also extended the anti-fraud provisions to cover bills submitted to any “health care benefit program.” Under federal law, health care benefit programs include private insurance as well as federal programs. So now a doctor can go to jail for getting on the wrong side of a private insurance company.

Addressing conflicts of interests at university medical centers ~ ROCNow Democrat & Cronicle 7-18-10 ~ “Am I concerned that we have disabling conflicts of interest where we have lost our soul?…Critics say that public disclosure is essential for accountability.“Money has an enormous influence on people even though they don’t admit it does….’Public disclosure’, Wolfe added, ‘is an important step in holding the medical profession accountable’. The stakes are high.”

“…And then they come to me and they tell me about all of those job killers. And then I sit down and I look at them and I say, ‘Hasta la vista, baby.’ (laughter)” Arnold Schwarzenegger, President of the Regents of the University of California, Governor of the State of California, Nominator of the Highest Judge in the Land when addressing the California Chamber of Commerce, May 18, 2010.

“Whenever I see job killers…or newborn infant apartment dwelling killers — caused by corruption, greed, political favors, and silence of those who know but don’t speak out to save the lives of others or those who remain silent because of complicity or for fear of retaliation, I say ‘Hasta la vista, baby’ (no laughing matter)“ Sharon Noonan Kramer, Advocate for integrity in health marketing of causation and accountability of environmental illnesses. July 20, 2010.

Again, Agnotology is “the study of culturally-induced ignorance or doubt, particularly the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data. Ignorance is often not merely the absence of knowledge but an outcome of cultural and political struggle.”

Deceptive Mantra: “Trial Lawyers, Media Hype & Junk Science”

The stakes are high! The stakes are high! The stakes are high!

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has nominated a new chief justice, who will then face a retention vote on the November ballot. We hope she is able to curtail the undue influences of commerce on our courts that harm Californians and the US as a whole. ‘This will be one of the most important legacies that Gov. Schwarzenegger has to leave…” California Chief Justice Ronald George

Links to NAA Property Mgmt, Co Riverstone Residential, Mold and Illegal Business Practice Complaints and More!

Exposing Environmental Health Threats & Those Responsible for Them…I’ll be back…with more!


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