t r u t h o u t | The Source of Our Despair in the Gulf

The Source of Our Despair in the Gulf

by: Dahr Jamail and Erika Blumenfeld, t r u t h o u t | Photo Essay


“The stench of the oil began to infiltrate my nose and burn my eyes long before they arrived at the source. Black oil clouds lurked below choppy blue seas in every direction as a virtual cityscape of ships and drill rigs loomed on the horizon. They appeared to rise out of the Gulf as we approached.”

“A giant flame – the burning off of methane and benzene – roared off the side of a rig, leaving a chemical gas floating lazily to the south as it rose.”

“The scene felt like death – an epic example of manmade destruction, damage, and mayhem let loose upon the earth.”

“It is as unnatural a scene as one can imagine. That the Gulf, its marine life, ecosystems, and all the life that depend upon it are not under constant assault from this catastrophe is unthinkable.”

“The thick, humid, chemical-laden air astounded me. I wondered about the health of the hundreds of people down in the ships, working around the clock to try to stop the volcano of oil.”


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