Information about Riverstone Residential, the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, and the owners of Jefferson Lakes Apartments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana allowing tenants to be exposed to extreme amounts of toxins from molds by intentionally concealing evidence

National Apartment Association Tells Its Members MOLD CAUSES DEATH; Tells Courts It Doesn’t With The Help of US Chamber and UCLA

Thank You National Apartment Association. I will do my best to get this very important information out ASAP to numerous owners, investors, huge property management companies (e.g., Riverstone Residential), attorneys, and judges, AND, of course, to the MANY people who are currently living in MOLD-INFESTED APARTMENT COMPLEXES right now! katy

There are documented facts about a public health issue that continues to be blatantly ignored concerning Jefferson Lakes Apartments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which are managed by Riverstone Residential.

Documented mold inspection reports in 2007 confirming mold in many of the apartments were apparently not considered very important by the sellers, purchasers, Riverstone Residential, the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, and the State of Louisiana when all were involved in a transaction concerning this complex.

My daughter, her one-year-old baby, and I were allowed to lease an apartment which was known to have a very serious mold infestation, but they had covered up the problem with paint and cleaning the ducts. Many apartments in the complex are filled with extreme amounts of molds.

The owners, Riverstone Residential, the LHFA, and The State of Louisiana, all know of this severe mold infestation. There are several documents including our report in 2005, the report for the sale in 2007, visual mold growth, odors from the volatile organic compounds being emitted and many other complaints. Even with all of this proof, Riverstone is still allowing people to move into these highly toxic apartments, and it seems they have no plans to change that.

Our rights, which include not being intentionally exposed to toxins by an unethical and unconscionable company, have been violated again by obvious manipulation and corruption within the justice system.

All of the parties listed above have shown a conscious disregard for our family’s health, the health of other tenants, and state and federal laws. How dare they be allowed to do this to us and others and then have the courts look the other way.

By leasing an apartment they knew had extreme amounts of toxins from molds and intentionally concealing evidence of this, the owners and the management company of this complex made a choice to expose us to toxins and put our lives at risk. They now need to be held accountable for that choice. The fact that they and others can get out of being held accountable through obvious manipulation and corruption in our case and throughout the legal system does not mean they should not be held accountable. It means they are guilty of obvious manipulation and corruption in our case.

This should never have happened to us or to others and should not be allowed to continue. I will not just walk away from the harm this has caused us.

You might think this is an isolated incidence. It’s not. This same scenario is playing out throughout the country. Many families have been put at risk through slumlords, inhabitable apartments, improper remediation, shoddy construction, bad faith behavior by insurance companies, and corruption and coverup within the legal system. You can read some of these other stories at the following link:

Truth about Mold – Mold Stories

Irrefutable evidence indicates that Riverstone Residential, Guarantee Service Team of Professionals, & plaintiffs’ attorney, J Arthur Smith III, must have agreed to exclude evidence that would have shown the owners of Jefferson Lakes Apartments & Riverstone Residential had knowledge of the severe MOLD INFESTATION at the complex before we moved in

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Photos of Mold in Apartment

Attorney Malpractice

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Action Group Asks U of CA To Take Name Off US Chamber Medico-Legal Publication

Regents of the University of California acknowledge imprimatur on 2003 US Chamber of Commerce medico-legal publication

New Action Committee – ACHEMMIC- Urges Transparency in EPA Policy Over Mold & Microbial Contaminants

Truth About Mold – the most up to date, accurate, and reliable information on Toxic Mold

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Sociological Issues Relating to Mold: The Mold Wars

Certain Corporate and Government Interests Have Spent Huge Sums of Money and Resources DENYING THE TRUTH about the HEALTH EFFECTS of TOXIC MOLD

Political Action Committee – National Apartment Association (NAA) files Amicus Brief in mold case (two infant deaths in mold filled apt – Wasatch Prop Mgmt) citing US Chamber/ACOEM ‘litigation defense report’ to disclaim health effects of indoor mold & limit financial risk for industry

“Changes in construction methods have caused US buildings to become perfect petri dishes for mold and bacteria to flourish when water is added. Instead of warning the public and teaching physicians that the buildings were causing illness; in 2003 the US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform, a think-tank, and a workers comp physician trade organization mass marketed an unscientific nonsequitor to the courts to disclaim the adverse health effects to stave off liability for financial stakeholders of moldy buildings. Although publicly exposed many times over the years, the deceit lingers in US courts to this very day.” Sharon Noonan Kramer

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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