Action Group Asks University of California Regents To Take Name Off US Chamber Medico-Legal Mold Publication

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, President of the Regents of the University of California, May 18th, 2010 before the California Chamber of Commerce:

“Well, I think it is – you know, Workers’ Compensation was a perfect example, because we did the reforms that gave back to the private sector $50 billion-plus in these last few years since we have had Workers’ Comp reform….. Well, I have sniffing dogs over there that sniff out job killers. (Laughter) And they sniff from the time they start passing bills upstairs, or to debate the bills upstairs, they’re already sniffing. And then they come to me and they tell me about all of those job killers. And then I sit down and I look at them and I say, “Hasta la vista, baby.” (Laughter) That’s exactly what we do, because that’s the last thing we need in California.”
Dear All,
The following  is a letter sent to the UC by scientists, physicians & citizens who are concerned for the health and safety of their fellow man. Other than the actual letter itself, the following statements are my own.   Sharon Kramer
Re: UC name & inferred scientific endorsement of
Arnold Schwarzenegger        
President of Regents, UC           
Russell Gould                              
Chairman of Regents,                                  
Mark G. Yudof
President, UC
RE: The University of California’s name is included in implied endorsement of a 2003 U.S. Chamber of Commerce publication currently referenced in a 2010 legal proceeding.
Honorable Governor Schwarzenegger, Chairman Gould and President Yudof,
     The University of California is world renowned for its role in promoting and protecting public health by its outstanding physician education and the integrity of its medical teaching facilities.
      The Action Committee on the Health Effects of Mold, Microbes and Indoor Contaminants (ACHEMMIC) is comprised of volunteer physicians, scientists, researchers, indoor air quality experts, industrial hygienists, building engineers, teachers, advocates and others who work cohesively to promote integrity in U.S. public health policy with regard to the adverse health effects of mold, microbes and indoor contaminants that are frequently found in water damaged buildings.(1)
ACHEMMIC has the following concerns:
1. The University of California name is apparently being used as an implied signatory of the2003 U.S. Chamber of Commerce publication.(2)
2. It appears that the name of the University of California is being used as an  implied scientific endorsement of the contents of said U.S. Chamber publication.(3)
3. It is our understanding that it is a violation of the California Constitution, Article IX, Section 9(f) for the University of California name to be used to promote a document of political and sectarian influence.
4. The contents of the document are contrary to recent scientific findings by national and international experts, including some within the State of California.
     The people who have been harmed by contaminants in water-damaged buildings and erroneous public health policy over the mold issue come from all walks of life. They are white collar workers, blue collar workers, retirees, veterans, teachers, business owners, homeowners, tenants, children, parents and grandparents. They work or are schooled in newly constructed and older buildings. They reside in all parts of the United States and around the globe. They live in owned, mortgaged, or rented houses and apartments- large and small, new and old, grand and humble. Some live in military housing, trailers or on reservations. Those affected by this issue are affluent, poor and middle class. They are able-bodied taxpayers and disabled citizens. They are the insured and uninsured by health, workers compensation and property casualty insurance companies. They represent the melting pot of citizens that make up this great country of ours–the United States of America.
     They depend on integrity in medical science within U.S. medical teaching universities and within the courts to protect their health and safety and the health and safety of their families.
      We appreciate the University of California Regents’ prompt attention to this matter with broad implications impacting mold toxic torts and public health policy as a whole if left unaddressed by the Regents.
     For your convenience, we have attached our membership roster and documents of specific concern. Should ACHEMMIC be of further assistance to the Regents of the U.C. over this matter, please do not hesitate to ask.
                            Respectfully yours,
                            Mary Mulvey Jacobson
                            ACHEMMIC Public Relations
cc: Cheryl Vacca Vice President Ethics & Compliance, Regents of the U.C.
Charles Robinson Vice President General Counsel, Regents of the U.C.
U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman, California 30th District and encompassing 
Enclosures: 3
1 (2010) Membership Roster for ACHEMMIC
2 (2003) Listed authors and conclusion of “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of
    Mold” U.S. Chamber ILR in relevant part
3 (2009) Amicus Curiae Brief, National Apartment Association, citing “A Scientific
View,” in relevant part
Dear All,
This situation is a National Disgrace that has been allowed to continue for far too long to the detriment of the health and safety of the American worker & the American public – while financially benefiting commerce and while our elected leaders turn a blind eye.  
That math could be applied to a single rodent study by well connected, professional witnesses for the defense in mold litigation; and from this, the CDC, US medical associations, US medical teaching universities, and the US Chamber of Commerce could mass market the false scientific concept to the courts that it is proven people are not injured by the toxic components of molds that are found in water damaged buildings is an Absurd unscientific and unethical concept currently pervading US health policy for the purpose of aiding industry to deny their responsibility to the sick and injured.
Not only is it harming the health and safety of the American public, it is a bellwether indication of the erosion of Democracy that our country is founded upon. 
What happened to “We, the People” when determining what laws and common decency govern and define who we are as a society?  When did it change to “They, the Corporations“?

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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