Dina Padilla for California Insurance Commissioner

Dina Padilla has been fighting corruption and the long going scams of the insurance industry in California. She is a former union leader at Kaiser in Sacramento who began to fight Kaiser’s treatment of its workers and patients. Her struggle for justice and healthcare has made her a strong advocate for injured workers and the public.

She will fight to eliminate the insurance industry in healthcare and represent the people of California who need a representative that cannot be bought.

Video-Today’s Politicians

Injured Worker Advocate and candidate for California Insurance Commissioner Dina Padilla challenged the corruption at a meeting of the California Fraud Assessment Commission (FAC), which is run by the Insurance Commissioner.   Dina Padilla attended a meeting of the FAC in Sacramento on 9/9/2009 and charged the Department of Insurance of having a conflict of interest. The former chair of the commission William Zachry was also a Vice President of Safeway Inc. Risk Management and has done damage control for the insurance industry.

Steve Poizner, who is the California Insurance Commissioner has also personally been presented with evidence of fraud by insurance companies and employers, and has also refused to prosecute. As a result of Dina Padilla’s persistent challenge of this conflict of interest Zachry was recently removed from his position on the FAC. She is the only candidate for Insurance Commissioner who has personally gone after fraud and cost shifting by the insurance industry in California and will represent the public and all working people.

Dina Padilla can be reached at dinajpadilla@gmail.com

Padilla 4 insurance Commissioner

She is also running as a candidate of the Peace And Freedom Party, which is the only working class party on the ballot in California. www.peaceandfreedom.org

The sacramento Bee Capital Alert – AM Alert: In the running

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