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Monday, November 2, 2009


DD 214’s are now available online.  Just click onto link below to get  started.

Thanks to fellow Veteran’s advocate Terry Richards for the information!  Many veterans are tired of waiting and waiting for St. Louis to respond to requests!

Veterans who served in  Korea / DMZ your help is needed!

The research questionnaire response so far has been good, but we still need more veterans who served in Korea to participate.

Veterans-For-Change is distributing a questionnaire to veterans pertaining to service in Korea to help us gather statistical information in our ongoing efforts to correct the wrongs and to assist in declassifying many missions in Korea so that veterans such as you will be able to gain the benefits and services needed from the VA System.

This questionnaire is anonymous, you do not need to provide personal contact information if you’re not comfortable with this.

However, if you do provide personal contact information it will be kept 100% confidential, will not be given to any member of Congress, the VA or the DoD, nor will it be sold to any company for any reason what-so-ever.

Statistical information will be used to compile a report to submit to various members of Congress in our efforts to declassify all missions 25 or more years ago so that all veterans can apply for and gain the much needed benefits and medical care/services needed and long over due.

If you’re interested in participating, please send an E-Mail to:

We’ll respond with a short two page questionnaire you can return via US Mail or E-Mail.

VA Expands Agent Orange Illness List

Week of October 19, 2009

The Department of Veterans Affairs established a service-connection for Vietnam veterans suffering from Parkinson’s disease, ischemic heart disease (IHD) and B-cell leukemias such as hairy-cell leukemia. These illnesses are now considered “presumed” illnesses. This “presumption” simplifies and speeds up the application process for VA benefits. It is important to note that this new policy will not go into effect until sometime in 2010. At which point affected veterans will be urged to submit new disability claims. Additional information about Agent Orange and VA’s services and programs for veterans exposed to the chemical are available at VA’s Agent Orange webpage, or call the toll-free helpline at 800-749-8387.
TCE/PCE   C h e m i c a l   E x p o s u r e

We’ve seen this in the news on CNN who hosted a special approximately one month ago about the male breast cancer cluster at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina.

Many of the current and former military bases used these chemicals, they were disposed of into the group which in turn contaminated the water supply.  Over 130 bases are on the EPA Superfund List.

To help spread the word, bring to light all the illnesses and deaths which have been caused by these chemicals and hopefully put us one step closer to getting the bill signed and passed.

What we (VFC) needs is for all veterans, spouses, widows, family, friends of veterans to please request a copy of the petition, sign it, get 14 more signatures and send copies off to all on your private E-Mailing lists and request they too help.

For a copy of the bill and the petition, E-Mail:

Were you stationed at MCAS El Toro, were you a student at the base school?  Have you or someone you know been sick, ill, or has passed away from cancer or some other illness?

Please write to me ASAP:

Support All Veterans Bills & Request your members of Congress to Co-Sponsor, or Sponsor Companion Bills!

The USDR CapWiz system provides you an easy to use tool, pre-written E-Mails, and will even send you reminders of new bills added.


Once you’ve visited the site it will remember you so you won’t have to complete your personal information every visit.

Be sure to send all the E-Mails out, you might need to edit one or two at most, and you can even add a comment as well.

And it’s a good idea to re-visit the site about every two weeks and even if you’ve already sent the E-Mail, send them again, pass along the information to your friends and relatives and ask them to do the same.

Veterans-for-Change is Growing and Needs your help!

But we still need your help!  We need members who can volunteer 30-60 minutes per month to help determine hot issues that need to be addressed by the members of Congress to provide better benefits, facilities, care and treatment to all veterans and to help get our monthly letters out to all these members.

If interested please check out the group at: 

Veterans-For-Change is also in the process of becoming a full 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We’ll continue with out current mission, and will be expanding to add more and more programs over the coming months.

A special award recognition program for veterans, spouses and their children, a small college scholarship program for children of veterans, a small emergency relief fund for veterans in need, and more.

If you’re able to make a small donation to help in the cause and fight please go to:

Free Caregiving for Veterans

Homewatch CareGivers, the largest international franchise provider of home care, is offering up to 20 hours of free in-home care to disabled or injured U.S. military veterans of any conflict — from World War II and Korea to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq — through its”We Care for Veterans” program. Servicemembers or a family member can sign up for the “We Care for Veterans” program on the Homewatch CareGivers website or by calling toll free 1-800-777-9770. The program is available to one veteran per location and is issued on a first come, first serve basis. Applicants must sign up for the program by Nov. 30, 2009. For more information, visit the Homewatch CareGivers website at

Watch for Veterans-For-Change new website coming soon:


Do you have a story to tell of wrongful death or malpractice?

Please contact Jim Davis at about your story, it may be posted on several veterans news sites and websites.

Annual Check Up Reminder

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to get your annual physical, and be sure to ask for a full body cat scan as well!

It’s important to stay up on your health and be alerted to anything that’s new or changed since your last physical!


A Veterans Advocacy and Assistance Organization

The purpose of Veterans-For-Change is to make major changes in the treatment and rights for all veterans. In benefits claims, appeals, medical care and treatment, VA Facilities, PTSD, Agent Orange, POW & MIA recoveries, diabetes, TBI and dioxins.

Members combine their talents, information, ideas and suggestion and contribute to a monthly letter that’s sent to all 535 members of Congress expressing the concerns over various issues and offers possible solutions.

This is in an effort to make change within the VA system, to streamline, expedite and insure claims are honored to the best possible rating, to insure all medical facilities are using the best equipment in the most modernized facilities with a properly trained and fully licensed and compassionate medical staff.

Additionally we circulate petitions for various pieces of legislation to promote their being presented on the floor and voted on.

We conduct research, develop ideas, solutions, and programs and do our best to make sure they’re put into action.

We also provide guidance and assistance to veterans, spouses, their children and widows with their claims and appeals and the support of all veterans who seek assistance.

We must guarantee the rights of every single veteran and gain the rights and benefits promised!

Google News Alert for: “Veterans-For-Change”

El Toro Marines, Cancer, and Irvine’s ‘Great Pork’ Project

Jim Davis, a veteran’s advocate with Veterans for Change, told me last week, that perhaps 10% of the Marines who served at the El Toro Marine Corps Air

Other News Sources:

Veterans Today:


Jim Davis
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Don’t be afraid, just be yourself!
“Be who you are and say what you feel .. Because those that matter .. don’t mind ..
And those that mind … don’t matter.”


Are you or a fellow Vet diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)?

We’d like to help you, and your family cope with, understand, and be able to find the assistance you need.

Group Name: Vets_ALS
Group Home Page:

For more Veterans Information:



ALL Veterans complain about one thing or another when it comes to the VA, benefits, etc. and for the most part they’re right, however, NOT many will stand up to the VA nor our goverment.


Then join us today because tomorrow NEVER comes!

Group Name: Veterans-For-Change
Group Home Page:



Be sure to comment and vote so Veterans news gets pushed to front page!

Veterans Today:

Salem News:

Veterans United For Truth:

Send The Troops a Message of Support


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