Congressional Research Service – Toxic Mold: Insurance and Legal Issues

Note – The government legislation that never happened due to influence from insurance, real estate, construction, etc. industries.  And to hell with everyone’s health.   


Emphasizing insurance issues, this report provides a summary of perceived perils, legal issues, and legislation associated with toxic mold.

Excerpt –

Risks to Health and Property

Mold can cause health problems and property damage.  First, while the most common molds are harmless to humans, mold can cause a variety of ailments. Some molds can produce allergic reactions, and others, which are far less common, but are hardly rare, can produce toxic effects and infections.  Symptoms associated with allergic reactions to mold include aggravation of asthma, a runny nose, congestion, cough, and eye irritation.  Molds that release mycotoxins in the air, such as the Stachybotrys chartarum strain, must reach toxic levels before illness occurs, but when they do, they can cause fatigue, headaches, nausea, asthma, and the inability to concentrate.  In the most serious, but scientifically uncertain cases, toxic molds allegedly can cause immune system disorders, chronic fatigue, organ damage, memory loss, and bleeding in the lungs.

Second, mold can cause property damage.  Residential and work environments provide three conditions for mold to thrive:

(1) warmth (40º to 100º F)

(2) moisture, often resulting from leaky roofs, defective plumbing, drainage problems, flooding, and even high-humidity

(3) nutrition, such as certain types of insulation, wood, and carpeting

Modern energy-efficient buildings provide a conducive environment for mold growth: Sealed construction techniques can result in insufficient flows of fresh air and reduced evaporation of moisture, creating warm, moist breeding grounds.  Older buildings also are not immune from mold contamination, particularly in areas subject to flooding, heavy storms, or high humidity.  Remediation costs vary with the scope of mold growth in these structures.  Inspection costs alone can range from the low thousands to millions of dollars.  In the most extreme cases, the buildings cannot be repaired, but must be stripped to their foundations and rebuilt at a price exceeding the original building costs.

PDF – Toxic Mold: Insurance and Legal Issues 

Note – Information on Riverstone Residential knowingly exposing tenants to extreme amounts of mold toxins at Toxic Mold Infested Jefferson Lakes Apartments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  katy

Toxic Mold Infested Jefferson Lakes Apartments managed by Riverstone Residential

Riverstone Residential Litigation

Mold Inspection Reports

Photos of Mold in Apartment


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