A Worthless Corrupt Decision on Appeal – Corrupt Riverstone Residential – Toxic Mold Infested Jefferson Lakes Apartments – Unethical Attorney J Arthur Smith III – A Judge with a Conflict of Interest & The Corrupt State of Louisiana

I will post more on the false information by Riverstone Residential and the evidence our unethical attorney chose to NOT to pursue along with not correcting wrong information sent when subpoenaed.  But then, this is the reason I have the 2007 Mold Inspection Reports done when the complex was sold then totally IGNORED.  Also, there is the subpoena to the wrong company so evidence would NOT be sent.  This document is filled with wrong information – minor to major – all because our attorney spent so little time on it because the plan was for this to get dismissed.  See – Attorney Malpractice

Anyone with half a brain and some common sense can read the documents on this site and view the photos and see that mold has been a huge problem at Jefferson Lakes Apartments and they know about it and try to hide it.

This extreme infestation of molds filling these apartments with toxins will be allowed to continue spreading at this complex while making many more sick (not to mention all the previous tenants) just as the corruption in this litigation spread to involve so many.  This is all just fine with the owners, Riverstone Residential, the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, and the State of Louisiana.

Our health was violated by the owners of these buildings and Riverstone Residential and then our rights were violated by an unethical, lying, sorry excuse for an attorney – J Arthur Smith III and the unethical, corrupt justice system in the corrupt State of Louisiana.

This is not over at all. 

A Worthless Corrupt

Decision on Appeal

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