Veterans For Change News – including news of complaint filed with Attorney Generals in MI, IL, CA & soon CT as well as DOJ to investigate Linda K. May of Pontiac, IL


Thursday, September 24, 2009 ON CNN

Tonight: Poisoned Patriots

An increasing number of Marines and sons of Marines have male breast cancer, which is highly unusual and rare. What’s even more unusual is that they are nearly all young, have no family history of breast cancer and genetic testing shows some have no genetic pre-disposition to breast cancer. They do all have one common link – they all lived on the US Marine Corps base at
Camp Lejeune, N.C. These former Marines believe contaminated water on the base caused their cancers. CNN’s Special Investigations Unit with the story tonight 8p ET.



TCE/PCE Reduction Act of 2009 Still Needs Support from Veterans Nationwide


As you know we’ve been pushing and pushing for veterans, spouses, family members and friends of veterans to sign the petition to support the signing and introduction of the TCE/PCE Reduction Act of 2009.


We’re still talking with various members of Congress and their staff in order to gain support of the bill, and for a member of Congress to step forward to sign and submit the bill to the floor for a vote.


We still need more petition signers, we need thousands of you to step forward and help your fellow veteran, their spouse and children.


If you’re interested in signing the petition, each copy has room for 15 signatures, we ask all those who read this to please become involved, if not for yourself, your fellow veteran and his/her families.


To received a copy of the petition please E-Mail:






Your hosts:

Gene Simes & Jere Beery

Every Tuesday 9-10pm EST, 8-9pm CST, 6-7pm PST


Tune in from your computer at:


Call in and participate 319-648-5143


Veterans-For-Change is growing!


Veterans-For-Change is growing and moving forward, building new relationships and alliances with other Veteran Service Organizations.


We’re becoming a full fledged Non-Profit Organization, developing new strategies, new programs, and have come out with a whole new look!


We need YOU!  We need you to come join us in the fight against the Veterans Affairs and Congress to make them fulfill the decade’s old promises of caring for those who served and their families!


The more our membership grows the more power we have, and whether or not you are ill or in need of benefits there are countless thousands of others being denied and turned away who need our help!


If you’d like to become a member, it only takes 30-60 minutes of your time per month, and the best part is you never have to leave your computer and it doesn’t cost you a penny to help!


Check us out at:


Veterans-For-Change will be launching an award recognition program for veterans, their spouses and children on January 1, 2010, we’ll also be launching a small scholarship program as well as we hope to launch an emergency assistance fund for veterans in serious financial need or homeless.


If you’d like to donate to the organization and be a part of some really great support and recognition programs, please go to:







Support All Veterans Bills


Be a real part of history, help us get the many bills in the House and Senate out of committee and on the floor to be voted on and passed!


Go to the USDR Capwiz Site and send every single pre-written E-Mail to your members of Congress asking they co-sponsor, support or write companion legislation for veterans’ rights and benefits!


Simply go to and bookmark:


Once you click on the first bill, complete the personal information, just follow all the prompts until you’ve sent the last E-Mail.


The system will always remember you so even if you’ve sent an E-Mail already, keep doing this every two weeks.


There is POWER in NUMBERS and we out number Congress by a long shot!  WE CAN WIN!


Even if you don’t get replies from your members of Congress, they do receive these E-Mails and they do know as long as we’re consistent and persistent, they’d have no choice but to co-sponsor, and support all the bills!



For News Issues for Veterans by Veterans for Veterans


Veterans Today:





LINDA K. MAY of Pontiac Illinois Update


Veterans-For-Change in alliance with OFFE have spoken with many victims of this woman and her scam against parents of school children, elderly and recently veterans.


The evidence is still being gathered to this date, but the Attorney Generals in Michigan, Illinois, California and soon Connecticut as well as the US DOJ have all been contacted and a complaint filed to begin an investigation and hopefully criminal charges being brought against her so she can no longer harm or commit any further fraud!


If you or someone you know has been in contact with Ms. May, received a test kit and/or lab results, or have paid this woman any money, please contact Jim Davis immediately at JDAVIS92840@SBCGLOBAL.NET.


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