The American Dream Home – Promise, Defects, Mold, Policy, Litigation, Medicine & Insurance


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The Naples Lemon House

We have tried to capture our experiences into seven lessons of owning the American dream home: promise, defects, mold, policy, litigation, medicine & insurance. We are in the process of creating essays for each lesson and will eventually turn it into a book. We would like to share our life changing story with you by opening up the door to our American dream home.

7 Lessons

Lesson 1 –  Don’t accept anything a general contractor tells you as fact even if you know him personally. Always get a second and third opinion! I say this because if this individual is wrong and is lacking character and/or the money to back up his product, you will find that the legal process which is in place for your protection is very expensive and lengthy. See lesson number five.

Lesson 2 – Construction defects are very real and they can destroy your life as you know it. If you are a doubting Thomas, spend a few minutes searching the web.

Lesson 3 – Toxic mold is very dangerous to your health. If you have any reason to suspect that you have mold in your home, seek help ASAP!

Lesson 4 – The American homeowner’s insurance policy has been very watered down over the past six years as a result of millions of dollars of hard lobbying by our friendly insurance companies. Be very wary of insurance policies which exclude or limit coverage for mold and construction defects. In addition, be very cautious of “claims only” policies. They all are written to protect the insurance company’s profits not your assets.

Lesson 5 – Unfortunately, your last resort, the legal system, is not a citizen friendly process. This is an economic/time based process. Arbitration and litigation are extremely time consuming and very expensive. In almost all cases, you will loose. Even if you win, you will loose. The system is designed to protect the corporations not the citizens.

Lesson 6 – Traditional medicine is great and has come a long way. However, traditional medicine falls short specifically in the biotoxin illnesses arena.

Lesson 7 – Just as traditional medicine is lacking a widely held approach to biotoxin illnesses, health insurance companies are not providing coverage. The average American can not afford to get treatment. It is left to the top 1% of the population

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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