Affordable Housing Institute – No landlord at all: Part 1 – the vanished landlord

From the article – 

“As property owners run into trouble paying their mortgages, neighborhoods around New York City have been witnessing a disturbing consequence: Small and large apartment buildings are being abandoned in a state of disrepair, leaving tenants in limbo without basic services or even landlords.

“When it comes to rental property, ‘abandonment’ happens in stages. It could mean lack of reinvestment, lack of maintenance, decline in building services, or un-interest in collecting rent.”

What about investors who purchase apartment buildings – Jefferson Lakes – after a mold inspection report showing mold though out and then the state provides millions for renovations around the mold.  

In this situation the landlord – management company – Riverstone Residentiala CAS Partner and business partner of this article’s author – is present.  Is being exposed to tremendous amounts of mold in the HAVC system, etc. knowingly by the owners and management better than having a “vanished landlord”?  katy

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