Lastest Review (including the mold problem) – Toxic mold Infested Jefferson Lakes Apartments – Managed by Riverstone Residential

Note – The construction the victim (tenant) mentions in the review could be part of the millions of dollars the State of Louisiana provided for renovations during the sale of this complex in 2007.   Mold Inspection Reports were done at that time but ignored by the state, the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, the sellers, the new owners and Riverstone Residential.  Somehow, I doubt any of the people working on any of this constuction were warned of the mold growing in the walls, HVAC system, etc.

Also mentioned, maintenance does not respond to requests.  This was our experience and since litigation was involved they just made up a falsified work order that doesn’t really help them anyway. 

In a response to the review, another former victim (tenant) told management that there was mold in their apartment and management’s response was “get a bucket with a toothbrush and some bleach and scrub it.”

Wait!!! What???  Riverstone Residential says there is no mold in the apartments even with documented proof – Affidavit – Plaintiffs 2005 IAQ – Microbial Fungal Report – Mold Inspection Reports – Apartment Management Orders 24-hour Air Test – Photos of Mold in Apt.

How do you scrub the mold out of all the air ducts???  How do you scrub the mold out of the sheetrock??? 

The infestation in this complex is way past a little bleach, which is not to be used according to OSHA.

So AGAIN, people are still allowed to move into documented toxic mold infested apartments and it is just fine and okay with the state of Louisiana, the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, Riverstone Residential, and the previous and present owners of this complex.

I started this site because we were knowingly exposed to large doses of toxins from years of growth in the HVAC system and walls, etc. in this complex and thanks to unethical Riverstone Residential, an unethical attorney, and a corrupt Louisiana Judicial System – we are supposed to just brush off the fact that we now have health issues directly linked to being to exposed to abnormally high concentrations of toxins produced by molds in an indoor environment and previous health issues that are made worse by the exposure.  We did not choose to move into that environment and would not have if we had known.  There is enough evidence (see links) to prove they knew.  I cannot just brush off what was done to us along with the lack of justice because of a corrupt corporation, attorney, and court system.  I am sick and tired of not ever feeling good anymore.  I am sick and tired of the stress of knowing we cannot afford the healthcare we need if we hope to get better before that is not an option.  So, to Riverstone Residential – what happened to the “Defamation Lawsuit”?  You need to either take care of the results of your negligence or PLEASE SUE ME.  BRING IT ON.  I would love to get into court and have you try to prove what I say is not true!!!  Of course, not in Louisiana as we know the law and ethics mean nothing there.  If neither of those appeal to you then the only way I can have any sense of believing we have any rights in this country is to continue warning others of the illegal and intentional exposure to toxins you allow. 

Remember, a key business partner of Riverstone Residential wrote a good article about mold illness and litigation – The Affordable Housing Institute – The Challenge of Mold and see – The connection between the author of ‘The Challenge of Mold’ – Recap Advisors – CAS – Riverstone Residential & Toxic Jefferson Lakes Apartments.       

And remember – if one can get past the corruption that keeps a lawsuit out of court (the motion for summary judgement) then an impartial jury presented with facts can make an intelligent decision – see –very-good-video-tenant-sickened-by-mold-awarded-1-million-landlords-ignored-complaints-continued-leasing and ariz-jury-awards-tenant-33-million-for-cognitive-physical-injuries-from-mold.  Those are just a couple of recent cases.  katy

The review

From: Anonymous – 7/11/2009

Thank God you moved out. I had experienced a year of hell staying there. They good for leaving notes on the doors!! Most of the time they come when you complain about something that is wrong. As far as those confirmation don’t matter. The staff is just happy to get a damn pay check. I am sure corporate office does not have a clue what’s going on , and if you ask for they number they won’t give it yo you. Jefferson Lakes is one big dump. The maintenance workers are LAZY!!! But bravo to you for moving out before the MOLD got to you. They don’t tell you about that either. I was told to get a bucket with a toothbrush and some bleach and scrub it. —- that!! It shouldn’t be there in the first place. – Jefferson-Lakes-Apartments

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