A mold problem (among many others) at Alexan Laguna Beach Apartments in Panama City Beach managed by Riverstone Residential – A Tenant’s Experience & Photos

Shortly after we moved in to the brand new apartment and apartment complex, we had a pretty bad rainstorm.  It was then that we noticed water leaking from the inside door frame of the glass door leading to our screened in porch.  It was literally leaking from the molding surrounding the door.  After contacting maintenance, two men came to check out the problem.  They told me the problem was that the wind was blowing rain so hard that it made its way through the porch area of the apartment directly above me and pooled there and was leaking down.  They told me that the wind caused this and it wouldn’t happen again.  They didn’t fix or repair anything in my apartment. 

The next problem I encountered was a massive bug problem.  We were constantly battling spiders, roaches, unknown bugs I have never seen before, and my favorite, scorpions.  After calling management and complaining about finding a scorpion in my apartment, they told me this was common in Florida.  I have lived in Florida for 22 years and never seen a scorpion in my house.  I requested that the pest control visit my apartment again (for the second time that month), and they never came. 

The next problem we had involved mold!  We found mold growing on our ceiling in the hallway leading to my little boy’s bedroom. 8 months after we moved in to this brand new apartment.  The maintenance man came out and sprayed mold killer on it and then painted over it.  He then informed me that there was a leak in the bathroom that connected to the hallway and that he repaired it. 

Two weeks after this, we found mold growing on the wall in my little boy’s room.  He informed me that the reason is because the air circulation in his room was not good because we had too much furniture in it.  We had two twin beds, a dresser, and a nightstand.  The wall with the mold on it had nothing in front of it.  There was a bed right next to it where my little boy slept.  I told him I didn’t think that was accurate and he just kept repeating himself.  He told me that he will clean it up for me this time but that I need to keep my blinds and windows open to let air into the apartment.  I told him that the thermostat was kept at 70 degrees.  He told me that I shouldn’t keep it on in the winter and that I need to air out my place. 

Next, I showed him the windowsills.  They were constantly growing green and pink stuff.  He told me that this was my fault and that I need to keep the blinds open more.  I opened my blinds every single day from morning until night (unless I was sleeping).  I told him this but he just kept repeating himself.  He couln’t give me any other reason or explanation.  There was a big crack in the wall next to the window that water stains were congregating around and he just kept telling me that I need to keep my windows and blinds open. 

Next, the gates to enter and exit the apartment were constanly kept open.  If they were closed, you would need a key card to get in, but they never were.  They advertised a gated community but they kept the gates open solidly for two months.  Finally, one day they decided to shut the gates.  The very next day, we received a letter stating that we need to be careful and keep our doors and windows locked because there have been multiple breaks ins and even a forced entry into one apartment.  I can’t tell you how glad I am that the maintenance man was dispensing advice to open all windows to air our my apartment while the management is telling me to keep everything locked. 

We had enough and moved out.  Unfortunately, we are still battling the Alexan Laguna Beach.  We had given them our 60 days notice to vacate and turned in our keys to a proefessionally clean apartment on the day the lease expired.  Fully expecting our deposit back, we were surprised to find that they were taking our security deposit and billing us for the replacement of the carpet in the entire apartment.  There was general wear and tear of the carpet with a few small spots but nothing that would require the entire carpeting to be replaced.  This is absolutely unnecessary.  Even though this was a brand new apartment, when we moved in there were paint splatters on the carpet in multiple rooms.  In addition, the areas where the carpeting in the living room would join the carpeting in the bedroom was coming up.  A visible line with strings coming out was what you saw when the carpeting connected.  This was all noted in the damage report, yet they are still trying to charge me to replace all of the carpet in the apartment.  Furthermore, they are charging very close to the maximum allowed.  On the replacement charges listed on back of the damage report, it says the charges vary on size of the apartment.  We had the smallest two bedroom apartment at the complex.  They were telling me it basically cost them as much to replace the carpet in a small 2 bedroom as it does in the large 3 bedroom.

In addition to all of that, they are also sent us a statement charging us rent for the month after we vacated the apartment even though I have documentation stating that our lease expired and my notice given.  My lease had expired and I had given them my 60 days notice, yet they are still trying to bill me for a month after I had moved out when I wasn’t even living there.  Furthermore, I have tried repeatedly to contact the assistant manager that sent me the statement, and she refused to return any of my phone calls.  When I called, she was too busy or never there, or finally the last call I made, she refused to talk to me.  I have now filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and I am hoping they can get a response out of her because I sure can’t!!


mold-window 2

mold growing on wall


Note – Information on Riverstone Residential knowingly exposing tenants to extreme amounts of mold toxins at Toxic Mold Infested Jefferson Lakes Apartments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  katy

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