City of Downey will now be using HUD money to further POISON many people, as they are now planning to build low income housing

Letter to Congress –

To DOL Office of Congress:

Dear Hilda Solis,

The City of Downey, The City of Bellflower, NASA, Boeing and The Kaiser Permanente, withheld extremely important and vital information from the Government, in regards to the former NASA‐ Boeing Industrial Plant, located at 12214 Lakewood Blvd. In the City of Downey. Some Government Entities, under the previous Administration, also took part in this cover‐up.

This 200 acre piece of land, is, and has been, contaminated for 70 years. It was a DoE, DOD, Military USAF Plant, and had many Aviation name changes during the span of 70 years. Names such as Vultee, Conair, North American Aviation, Rockwell, etc. It was the original “Atomics International” and was the “beginning” to the Santa Suzana, Canoga Park and De Soto Facilities.

A deliberate concealment of historical facts on the use of deadly TOXINS and catastrophic accidents involving Radioactive Materials, has occurred, in order to gain the use of this land for economic development.

This outright‐ bold‐faced, FRAUDULENT action, has put many communities, including La Puente, and those who are now working directly on this TOXIC site, at an alarming health risk . The 2008 DOL was also involved in this FRAUD.

This Land WAS a SUPERFUND Site, and by all Historical Documentation, should have been placed on the NPL. The City of Downey however, reported misleading info to Gov. Agencies, such as, the property had been used for nothing more than a few Airplanes Built and Research papers written. And so, it was then, professed by the DOD, NOT to be Contaminated. By the stroke of a pen, the still, very contaminated land was downgraded to a Brownfield!!!. The City of Downey . Thousands of people are now working on this property. Many have died and others are becoming sick with horrible and disabling symptoms, with some symptoms known to be in common with Gulf War Syndrome.

The Developer, also involved in this FRAUD, began as an employee of the GSA and moved into the Land Development Business. He has since, acquired many TOXIC Military Properties across the U.S.A. And is involved in TOXIC TORT ‘s. He has filed a SLAAP suit against those wanting to speak out. This is the very reason we have a Health Care Issue. The Working Class and others who become sick and disabled are being denied by Employers, Insurance Companies and Polluters, and therefore become a Trillion Dollar Debt to the U.S.
I trust, you will contribute your efforts in addressing this matter towards a positive resolution, rather than contributing to an ongoing negative situation for the population of this country. I Thank You for your time and dedication in protecting our workforce.

Gail Shephard

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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