Louisiana Anti-Senior Citizen Bill Defeated – The Pop Tort

Great news, civil justice fans! It’s an “ask and ye shall receive” kind of day here at ThePopTort!  Just one day after we told you about a horrendous anti-civil justice, anti-consumer, anti-senior citizen law that was under consideration in Louisiana, the state’s House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to give it the old heave ho!

The measure, as we explained yesterday, would have made it extremely difficult for nursing home residents who have been injured by incompetent or negligent staff to bring a lawsuit.  And it would have severely limited compensation to these residents – subjecting them to the state’s draconian malpractice caps.

Thankfully, by a 60-38 vote, the bill was mercifully launched into the ether.

Rep. Chris Roy, (D-Alexandria), delivered an “impassioned opposition” to the bill, urging his colleagues “not to believe the malarkey” that the bill was somehow “consumer oriented.”

Props to the AARP, Louisiana Association for Justice, and other groups who fought hard to defeat this unbelievably mean-spirited bill!


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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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1 Response to Louisiana Anti-Senior Citizen Bill Defeated – The Pop Tort

  1. sue says:

    Does anyone know of a way to help senior citizens who’s homes are infested with roaches, short from paying for the bugman ourself. I work for a home health agency and the amount of patients living in these conditions is unbelievable. I’m trying to find out if any kind of assistance is available to them to help with the problem. Most aren’t unclean people; it’s just a problem that they didn’t realize until it was too late. Now most don’t have the money to fix the problem.

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