Toxic Indoor Mold Central

Anybody looking for a mold group, sick building group or toxic injury group, will all be welcome here.  This group will discuss  mold legislation, medical, scientific, and legal information.  Mycotoxins, toxic chemicals, bacteria, exotoxins, endotoxins, and ways to remediate, will all be addressed.

Group Owner – John McBride – Toxic Mold Activist

Mold belongs growing outside. Not inside our homes or workplace!

Due to my family’s plight with mold, I have endeavored to get laws in place, help others, and to educate the public about toxic mold.

Website –

Toxic Indoor Mold Central

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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1 Response to Toxic Indoor Mold Central

  1. terri lynn says:

    need advice
    i am in 4th month of lease of restaurant and have recently found mold growing everywhere, even in my pots and pans\. :Landlord will not let me out of ;lease.\ empoloyees, myself are getting sick\. Health department did not catch it what is my next step

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