Attorney Malpractice – Air Environmental Subpoena – Jefferson Lakes Apartments managed by Riverstone Residential

This is the Subpoena for Air Environmental – the mold testing company Riverstone Residential used at Jefferson Lakes Apartments #2907 (see apartment management orders 24-hour air test).  This is also the company used for mold testing at the complex during a sale in 2007 and obviously ignored (see mold inspection reports).

Again, records for 2005 and the preceding 3 years were subpoenaed.  Again, just like the records for Guarantee Service Team of Professionals, records are received for the wrong years to avoid having evidence that Riverstone Residential knew of mold problems (see attorney malpractice).  To avoid having evidence of Air Environmental having been to the complex before 2005 and therefore evidence that Riverstone Residential knew of mold problems, records for 2007 were sent.  I’m not sure if this was as obviously planned as the Guarantee Service Team of Professionals records or if Air Environmental themselves sent the wrong records.  Either way, this was not corrected.  Unfortunately, for the defendants and my attorney this revealed the mold testing in 2007 for the complex that documented the mold issues there and just ignored.

Again, there has been no answer on this from my incompetent and unethical attorney.



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