Apartment Management orders 24 hour air test for mold instead of 5 day so accurate mold levels will not show up

I am posting the information about the type of testing for mold management finally had done in the apartment we were leasing.  This was after they tried to get by with telling us Guarantee Systems (a duct and carpet cleaning company that was at that time cleaning HVAC ducts and dryer vents frequently) would come in and test and clean in an afternoon).  Thirty minutes before they came to do mold testing, Ralph Oby (head maintenance) pounded on our door and shouted “You don’t know who owns this place do you?” 

Notice at bottom of the last page – ***Contract was signed with sample costs equal to $50.00/sample for 5 day lab T/A.  However, Ralph/Connie requested 24-hour lab T/A and new pricing ($87.00/sample) was verbally accepted and agreed on 5/10/05.   A 24 hour air test will usually not show mold – it needs at least 48 hours.   

Notice they did not opt for the visual inspection and photo documentation because it looked like this – photos of mold in apt – and they knew it. 

More information will be posted to show they knew (or should have known of these conditions) – my Microbial | Fungal | IAQ Report (and see court documents – Affidavit – Plaintiff’s 2005 Microbial-IAQ-Fungal Report – Envirotest, Inc – Jefferson Lakes Apts), maintenance records showing years of leaks in the apartment, and the unusual amount of duct and dryer vent cleanings.  Our unethical attorney subpoenaed records from the testing company management used (also the same company that did the testing for units in the complex in 2007) for 3 years previous to the time we were there but records for after that time were sent and this was not corrected.  The fact that this was not the only action on his part to NOT get evidence (see – court documents – Plaintiff’s Attorney Subpoenas wrong Company – No Evidence and Riverstone Residential’s Motion for Summary Judgment – Judge Timothy Kelly – 19th Judicial Court – Baton Rouge, LA) makes it seem there could be other testing done by this company before we were there especially since the employee that did the testing told me he had been to this complex before.  He also took a piece of the wet ceiling and told the maintenance man that there was mold (although this was not the beginning of mold growth – it had been spreading for years).  Unfortunately though, records from 2005 and after included the shocking 2007 reports!  

More to come on the unethical actions by our attorney which are affecting our rights to justice in court.  

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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