How Litigation against Riverstone Residential gets Dismissed – Plaintiff’s Attorney Subpoenas wrong Company – No Evidence

Guarantee Services Team of Professionals does an extremely large amount of service calls to Jefferson Lakes Apartments to vacuum out air ducts and dryer vents.

An employee from this company came to our apartment along with the head of maintenance (this is documented in the depositions). This was after we were told they were coming to test (for the presence of mold) and then clean. By then we knew that could not possibly be done in one afternoon and told them we would rather wait until we could be away from the apartment. They came over to look anyway. The Guarantee Services employee was able to determine by simply looking at our mold covered air vents that the black growth was “dust”. “Dust” is the word management uses when people complain about this black stuff (mold growth) on their vents and then would have them vacuumed out.

The plaintiff’s(me) attorney subpoenaed records from this company because they would show if air duct cleaning had been done in our apartment in the past and how many times. Since the perfectly clean and freshly painted over air vents were totally covered in black thick mold growth in just 3 months – it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out they would have obviously needed to be and were cleaned before.

There is an Affidavit of Guarantee Service Team of Professionals, Inc. where secretary/treasurer Ellen Folks swears that the copies of records we were given are a true and accurate copy of their business records. There are many records showing service calls to the apartment complex but not the ones in the time frame asked for which is the whole point. This error was not corrected by the plaintiff’s attorney.

To possibly get around having to provide any records that might show service calls to the apartment we were in and to be able to swear never having performed any cleaning services is perhaps the reason for the Affidavit of Guarantee Girls, Inc. a company with a “similar” name and owned by Ellen Folks the secretary/treasurer for Guarantee Services.

Simply put, there is a sworn affidavit for service records for the wrong time frame and there is a sworn affidavit from a company saying they have never performed cleaning in the apartment. Correct, they have nothing to do with this except to play a part in an obvious plan to get this case dismissed.

Before I requested copies of these records I had spoken with “my” attorney a couple of times on the phone. I asked about the records from Guarantee Services and he would say “Girls” at which point I would correct him and say it is not Girls” its “Services”. When I received a copy of the subpoena to Guarantee Services for the records and affidavits I called him and told him it was “Services” and not “Girls” and had even looked them up and knew they were separate companies owned by the same individual.

I guess all this “wrong doing” is the reason it took me four phone calls to finally get these records. Maybe all those involved thought I would not ask for copies. Things just did not seem right and they obviously are not. This is only one part. There is more.

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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