Mold Inside The Health District – Video – Death – Toxic Mold – Aspergillus & Stachybotrys

This story begins at the end, the end of Dan Pauluk’s life.  This is a shocking story of a man’s death through neglect and inhumane treatment.  God bless his family for all they endured.  We understand as my husband and I have the same illness, multiple organ damage, skin lesions, aspergillosis, stachybotrytoxicosis, severe mold and trichothecene poisoning.  I talk to people of all ages and walks of life daily who are dying a slow horrible death while no one does anything.  Like in Dan’s case they knew the deadly molds were present.  In our case not only were over a dozen toxigenic molds found but highly toxic levels of trichothecene (a deadly poison produced ONLY from mold, used in biowarfare)…

Please share Dan’s horror story.  It may save someone else’s life.  Only by God’s grace are we alive, those liable left us to die even after diagnosis.  Please help stop the suffering and educate the public.  We relate to the hell Dan Pauluk lived, and finally it took his precious life.  Please honor his memory and make his story known.  Love, Iris & Tlee

Iris – 

Lets hope the supreme court considers this important.  katy

The video

From from article –

The Health District recently failed in its effort to get the Pauluk’s federal lawsuit thrown out of court.

“He was literally eaten alive from the inside out by toxic mold, aspergillus and stachybotrys.”

“In paperwork year after year dating back to 1998, the Health District’s own studies show the presence of mold in the building and the need for remediation.”

“There is no allowable limit,” explained Linda May, an EPA and OSHA certified mold expert.

“The regulations state that you will vacate the building, remove all occupants and then relocate them to another building and that no one will go back in that building without a full respirator and a moon suit and it will be cleaned up according to EPA standards,” said Linda.

“That did not happen.”

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