2theadvocate – Opinion – Voters Stand By Jefferson – “How Embarrassing”?

Just now embarressed!  He’s just one that got caught.  And since so much obvious corruption is ignored (especially by the media), it must be the fact that he got caught that makes this “embarressing”.   katy

Advocate Opinion page staff

We love New Orleans. We really do. 

But sometimes on election days, it’s just harder to do.

For the second time since facing a federal investigation into allegations of bribery, U.S. Rep. William Jefferson of marked-bills-in-the-freezer fame has been given a huge endorsement by the voters of his deeply troubled city.

Technically, the New Orleans Democrat must win a 10th term in the Dec. 6 general election. He faces little-known Republican lawyer Anh Cao, who has little chance in the heavily Democratic 2nd District.

Thus, Jefferson effectively was returned to office with a Democratic primary runoff win over former newscaster Helena Moreno. She is young and honest but Hispanic, not black. The latter was her undoing.

With 60 percent of voters in the district being black, Jefferson won comfortably in the runoff. He was endorsed by a number of high-profile black ministers. Mayor Ray Nagin said he would vote for Jefferson, although the mayor did not call it an endorsement. The latter thus has assisted in embarrassing his city again.

Returns such as these make one despair of the future of the city. Jefferson is innocent until proved guilty, his backers emphasized. But were it not for the racial dimension of his appeal, he would not have survived an indictment in federal court.

Win or lose in the long-delayed trial of the charges against him, he is not likely to be a player in Congress again: His own party stripped him of his Ways and Means Committee post, the base of much of his influence in the party.

A city so badly damaged by hurricanes Katrina and Rita deserves better.

New Orleans’ image in the nation is a factor in continued federal support for levee protection and other vital aid. Yet the voters back Jefferson, again and again.
Story – http://www.2theadvocate.com/opinion/34069244.html

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