Riverstone Residential’s Enclave Apartments

“Just like the Bush Administration this as well will come to a horrible end and the truth will come to light.  I am a Former tenant and I AM NOT AFRAID!!!” – avickerie

Enclave Apartments
11215 Oak Leaf Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20901


From: disguted0421
Date posted: 10/31/2008
Years at this apartment: 2008 – 2008
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I moved in Dec ’07. The place was amazing to look at and the leasing representative did a real sales job. The workout area, pool table room and computer areas are great. What they didn’t tell me was that they were only available when the management office was open! That meant no work out in the AM or after getting home from work. I had a 2 bedroom and had leaks over and over again in both bedrooms and the dining area. It was awful. The laundry room between my apartment and the elevators flooded frequently. Once I was walking to the elevators and slipped, fell and hit my head plus hurt my back and shoulders. I still have pain from it. While the maintenance people were great, the management are pure elitists.

Recently I got cancer. My income dropped over $1500 a month and I had to move out. I was behind in rent. It was humiliating and embarrassing. I tried to talk to the management about moving into a studio but they wouldn’t even talk to me about it. I explained the situation and they would not work with me. I faxed, mailed and hand delivered my intent to vacate letter as directed by the Landlord Tenant Board.

Defeated I went to court knowing I was in the wrong having not paid my rent. I didn’t have the money. While waiting, I was called out of the court by a Riverstone representative to work things out. I was told I didn’t have to wait for the judge. I explained in tears and in anger, my emotional fault, that I couldn’t pay the rent. The Riverstone representative, a woman, said she had not seen my letter of intent to vacate and knew nothing about it. She said I should move out as quickly as possible and let them know and remember to turn in my keys. She asked that I fax her a copy of my letter of intent to vacate and she would send me a 3 month payment plan on the balance I owed per the letter.

I believed her. I was getting sicker and sicker and preparing for surgery. I moved out that week, called them and told them. I faxed my letter over the this woman who described herself as a representative of Riverstone, saying she represented all properties, not just Enclave. I never received anything from her. I did receive a letter from the Enclave 2 days from the end of the month stating I owed way more than she and I agreed on and that I would be responsible for a month to month payment for the apartment of $2503.80 starting November 1, that would be tomorrow.

I was unbelievably upset and lost my temper when I called and was given the run around. Everyone kept saying they hadn’t heard that, read that, seen that and the woman I spoke to at court denied the conversation I remembered and said she wished she had a tape recorder that day. All this while after having cancer surgery yesterday, which I had told her. I am someone of no consequence that can’t possibly fight for lack of money and being ill. I now must find someone who can drive me 1 1/2 hours tonight before they close to hand them my keys or I will be charged for next month. This is a nightmare. I have pleaded, cried, screamed, thrown up and been defeated. All I wanted was a break and all I got was tricked out of talking to the Judge and getting a little consideration. The place is very nice, but God help you if you fall on hard times. They don’t give one thought about you, not one thought. They just don’t care.

From: avickerie  Date: 11/03/2008 

To the poor former tenant, I am very hurt and some what distraught behind the position and actions taken against another tenant.

I too had many interactions with the staff and management of theEnSlave and many are less then favorable but I knew they were pro-economics and less interested with people after that some what secret military meeting/conference that was held in our front office complete with all heads of military and state attending where no one from the complex was allowed nowhere near the place (main office).

I cannot wait until the right lawsuit brings this place down and this once high and mighty Liver-stone management.

They only cater to Government green $$$ the one that has less human problems like lay offs short hours or getting ILL. Why give people with children a fair chance when we can put 50 more army personnel in our rat and roach and mold infested boxes we call apartments.

Just like the Bush Administration this as well will come to a horrible end and the truth will come to light.  I am a Former tenant and I AM NOT AFRAID!!!


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2 Responses to Riverstone Residential’s Enclave Apartments

  1. Thisbe55 says:

    ADAM I have been here since 1997, I can tell you a few facts. If you are really doing a story about the Enclave and not the staff, I have plenty to tell! Injured at the Smithsonian, my place of work now on long term disability workers comp. Spinal cord injury, many surgeries which has been life change. I told the management, it would take a month to be place on long term disability payroll. My work (Smithsonian) wrote saying I was being place on long term disability and could they be understanding. The management office, said it would be O.K. but of course, got a letter starting the eviction proccess. I am injured just got out of a nine hour surgery have to face the fact I have to use a wheelchair and there going to kick me out…I got money from my Anunt and was able to stay….there are many more like to today three huge red truck came in front of my apt. and was loading them with peoples belongs a police man was out side I ask if all these truck were for eviction, with little feeling he said yes…something worng here never have I ever seen anyone get evicted until this management. Three huge red moving trucks full! God only knows how many, that is a very stressful to watch.

  2. Adam says:


    I am a journalist working on a story about the owners of the Enclave. They own properties across the country. I’d love to speak with either of you about your experiences here. I can be reached at byadammatthews@gmail.com

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