I-Team 10 Update: Fire Dept. Burns Down Mold Infested Home – Lung Transplant Needed Due to the Mold in Home

I-Team 10 update: Moldy home knocked down
I-Team 10 has been tracking the case of a couple from Wayne County who had their home condemned because it was covered with toxic mold.

Well, now that house in Sodus is no longer standing. The fire department agreed to burn it down earlier this month.
Mark and Darlene Sovie bought that house in 2003 and lived there until last year when the mold spread throughout the inside.

Darlene Sovie became ill as a result and is now awaiting a lung transplant.

The couple tells I-Team 10 they are just happy the house can’t hurt anyone else.

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Story – http://www.whec.com/article/stories/S642033.shtml?cat=572

I-Team 10 follow-up: Lung transplant needed due to moldy home
Their house is condemned, they’ve filed for bankruptcy and now they’re on public assistance. Think things can’t get worse for a Sodus couple? Well, they have.

I-Team 10 first told you about Mark and Darlene Sovie’s problems which started when they found toxic mold in their home and tonight, their situation has now become life or death.

“This is what my life consists of now. I’m on five inhalers, Prednisone, and this is what I have to do every day just to breath.”

Darlene Sovie never dreamed her life would take a turn like this.

“I’m very weak. I sleep a lot. Lord knows I have trouble breathing.”

Her medical problems started when she and her husband bought a house in 2003. When they moved in, toxic black mold was growing in places they couldn’t yet see. The house has since been condemned by the town of Sodus.

When I-Team 10 first went into the house in March of last year, the mold was on the walls, ceilings, and even covering the furniture. Now, it’s spread to the house’s exterior as well.

But worse than that, the mold is now in Darlene’s lungs. A pulmonary specialist diagnosed her with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and has recommended her for a lung transplant.

“It was bad enough that we ended up losing our credit trying to get out from under this. We ended up losing all of our possessions, that’s monetary stuff. But when they said my life was on the line, I said, that’s it.”

Sovie believes that someone knew or should have known about the mold when they bought the house. So who sold it to them? The U.S. government did.

They bought it from HUD and the contract states that HUD doesn’t guarantee its condition. The house is sold as is. The contract warned them to get an engineer’s inspection which they did. They had several different inspections but none mentioned anything about mold.

“Every person involved in the purchase of this home made money on it, whether it was their inspections or closing.”

They stopped paying on the house after determining it would cost nearly as much to remediate the mold as the house is worth. Still, they remain responsible for the house because the bank holding the mortgage won’t foreclose.

“It’s a nightmare, an absolute nightmare.”

A nightmare that just seems to keep getting worse.

The Sovies tried to file a claim with their homeowner’s insurance carrier early on, but were denied because the mold was considered a pre-existing condition.

They have filed for bankruptcy and are speaking with an attorney to determine their options.

Story –http://www.whec.com/article/stories/s498225.shtml?cat=572

Note – The government, HUD, the business and insurance industry and inspectors all made their money and all played a part in destroying this woman’s life. 

This is so obviously wrong and corrupt but our government and their partners will continue to make sure they are not held accountable for any of this with their corrupt policys using their specially worded propaganda to downplay the serious and widespead health dangers caused by mold toxins.  

Our government will continue to allow us to be criminally exposed to poisons because of the cost.  katy

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