Louisiana rises to top of ethics rankings – Is this a joke?

5th in the US for its good government, transparency and accountability laws – thats only if these new laws were to actually work.  They will find a way around them legal or illegal.  What a joke!  katy

Article –

Louisiana continues to mine good will and potential economic capital from its rise in ethics rankings, with a national group ranking the state fifth-best in the U.S. for its good government, transparency and accountability laws.

If changes in state ethics laws this year were included, Louisiana would rank No. 1 in the overall ranking and in conflict of interest laws, according to the Chicago-based Better Government Association, which released its rankings today.

However, the BGA-Alper Integrity Index said no U.S. state has truly satisfactory ethics and accountability scores where government is concerned.

BGA’s Jay Stewart said Louisiana ranked 44th in conflict of interest laws before sweeping changes in legislation this year. Its index uses the latest ranking of such laws by the Center for Public Integrity, which date back to 2006. Were the 2008 changes included, BGA said Louisiana’s conflict of interest laws would rise from 44th to first and its overall ranking would move from fifth to first, displacing New Jersey. The BGA-Alper index ranks Louisiana third in open record laws, second in whistleblower laws, 20th in campaign finance laws and fourth in open meeting laws.

Louisiana’s economic development secretary, Stephen Moret, said the BGA ranking would boost its business expansion and recruitment efforts considerably. After New Jersey, the top states were Rhode Island, Hawaii and Washington. The bottom five were Montana, Tennessee, Alabama, Vermont and South Dakota.

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