Strategery Capital Management LLC-Job Applications

Dear Recruiter,

I am very impressed by your company’s goals, the capital structure and specially your management team. I would like to work for your company. I think I will be a perfect fit for this position because:

I have never paid back any of the money I borrowed from my friends
The last three companies I worked for filed for bankruptcy and its CEO’s are still vacationing in Bahamas
My financial experience includes always defaulting on my credit card payments, never paying any utility bill on time
This is not my email ID
I think I will be a perfect fit for the position and I will take my salary in Gas for my Hummer, Unlimited supply of beer, large house where only I will live, three months vacation in Bahamas to hang out with my former CEO’s and rest of the money in cash so that I never have to pay taxes!

Please leave a message at the local pub.

Fanny Mae
Former CEO

Robert Willet: “My Resume”

Dear Sirs,

I am not very good at math or accounting. I am out of work and out of
money. I do have a strong desire to be patriotic and a fundamental
lack of ethics. If this is the type of person you are looking I would
appreciate an interview.

Forever ignorant,
Bob Willet


Thank you Robert. Your background seems like a perfect fit.

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