Riverstone Residential Group’s Strategic Reorganization

Riverstone Residential Group’s Strategic Reorganization Underscores Client Service

Article –


Isn’t the term “reorganization” sometimes used in place of filing chapter…..?

Excerpts from the article –

“Located in metropolitan markets across the nation, properties include high-rise, mid-rise and garden-style communities.”

They forgot to mention their properties also include slumlord, poorly managed, section 8 “communities” (see notorious landlords for list in progress – which reminds me I need to work on that). And, they forgot to mention their toxic properties – which includes Jefferson Lakes Apartments in Baton Rouge, LA.

“Focused exclusively on the delivery of exceptional third-party management services, the company manages a portfolio of assets valued at more than $25 billion for leading institutions, pension funds, developers and other major owners.”

“The company’s portfolio of managed communities also increased significantly, the result of strong client-focused practices and the strategic acquisition of regional management companies.”

Exceptional – Yes, the management services are “exceptional” in that the focus is not on the residents who are paying for services but on “clients making as much profit as possible”. Exceptional does not even describe some of the management tactics Riverstone Residential is becoming increasingly known for. Some of these could be described as bold, aggressive, old school, threatening, pushing the enevelope, and breaking laws.

“We are known for our strong partnering approach,” said Terry Danner. “The new client services group underscores our commitment to optimize our strategies and services on their behalf.”

Part of their strong partnering approach might include – partnering with the judicial system to optimize a best possible outcome for themselves and their clients. For example, when they are defendants in a lawsuit – and remember – “Everyday is a lawsuit waiting to happen” a statement by Terry Danner in another story – they have been known to go out on a limb and “influence using various strategies” it into disappearing.

It is obvious who their commitment is to – so this little bit of “news” must be a sad cry for some good press. katy

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