Riverstone Residential-Management Challenged?

Tenants Left Dry at North Austin Apartments

CBS 42 Reporter – Jason Wheeler

No Water In North Austin Apt Complex

Unlike the water, frustration has been flowing inside building #9 at the Park at Summers Grove Apartments in North Austin near MoPac and Wells Branch.

“It’s a miserable situation,” says one tenant who would not give her name.

She explained that a plumbing problem early Sunday morning left a dozen or more families without the basic necessity of life. Well, actually, they have had water, it’s just that they have had to go further to get it, filling up from an outside faucet elsewhere in the complex.

It’s better than the alternative the woman admits. The resident tells us the affected families have been told to share a single toilet and shower in a vacant unit in another building at the apartments.

The dirty laundry and dirty dishes are piling up. Showers have been replaced with sponge baths, and in the restroom, ‘number 1’ and ‘number 2’ now refer to the couple of jugs that have to be lugged in just to flush the toilet.

The anonymous tenant, who has been living this way for days, says “I feel like I’m back in the old days, what my ancestors had to go through…go to the river to get the water.”

Worse yet, residents say for three days, their thirst for information about the water situation has hardly been quenched by property managers. So KEYE 42 News went to the management office to inquire, and we came up pretty dry, too.

“You have a lot of people who are without water and have been without for three days,” we told a manager. She answered “I am discussing with them directly and I apologize, but I cannot discuss [it] with you.”

When we pointed out that residents say they haven’t been given updates, the manager maintained, “I just got here today. If you don’t mind, I am discussing with everyone I can.”

She then refused to give a timeline for service restoration and asked us to leave.

Keyetv.com received a written statement from Riverstone Residential Group, the Dallas-based owner of the apartment complex.

In part, it said the company has been in contact with plumbing contractors since the disruption happened Sunday morning. It goes on to explain the delay in fixing the problem is due to the need for “additional equipment” to be brought in to repair the underground line, and that the company “deeply regrets the inconvenience” to residents.


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