Photos of Mold in Apartment

gaps-in-siding 1

gaps-in-siding 1

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  1. MNicholson says:

    I’m so tired, I’m not up for a battle. Years ago, I lost a home when the person I was buying it from, hired her father-in-law atty. to claim that I didn’t repair the house quickly enough after the house fire as insurance kept it going too long. Within weeks, after she got the house back, the insurance company paid replacement cost and to this day, the same house still stands, and is continuously in a rent to own situation. We were renting a a home that had mold, then we bought a home. Our household members began an array of health problems, so we sold that home and bought another. Memory loss, seizures and white matter disease seem to be most prevalent. I’ve had my sneaky suspicions about our ice maker, swamp cooler, dishwasher and siding of our newest home, because one household member has been diagnosed with multiple PICC line bacteria and infections related to hip replacement surgeries and revisions, after being hit by a drunk driver. I guess I’ll be pulling the fridge out tomorrow, it’s wedged so tightly that a sheet of drywall apparently to be removed to get it in. The dishwasher quit working after I paid a handyman to fix the swamp cooler, and he kept blowing the breaker. When I tried to have the dishwasher removed to look for the plug, it was discovered that the floor was tiled in front of the dishwasher so that the ceramic tiles have to be removed in order to pull it. The last two housed were HUD owned homes, but our current home had no disclosures, nor were we informed prior that the home had been empty for 8 years. I don’t know where to start.

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