Texas Judge Won’t Be Charged With “Beating Into Submission” To Stop Internet Use. Will California’s Leading Judiciaries Ever Be Charged For Collectively Trying To Do The Same To Whistle Blowing Bloggers?

     According to today’s Huffington Post, Judge William Adams, a Family Court judge in Texas, will not be charged for abuse that was caught on video tape by his daughter seven years ago, with the video going viral on the Internet this week.

     The Huffington Post article states, “Hillary Adams said she waited so long to expose her father because she was terrified at what might have happened had she done so while still living under his roof. She said the outpouring of support and encouragement she’s received since posting the clip is tempered by the sadness that it’s her father repeatedly lashing her with a belt and threatening to beat her ‘into submission.”

    We at Katy’s Exposure are not sixteen year old girls.  We are women in our fifties. As hard as they may try, there is no way in Hell the compromised judicial leaders of the State of California are going to beat us into submission.  We are not terrified of the threat of jail and more litigation for refusing to be silenced on the Internet of what the compromised leaders of California’s judicial system have done to collude with the US Chamber, ACOEM and Veritox, Inc., (formerly known as GlobalTox) to defraud the public.

    In prior posts, we have publicly shown much of what the compromised courts of California have done to aid a malicious litigation carried out by criminal means that aids fraud to continue in the courtrooms of America over the mold issue. This, on behalf of the affiliates of the US Chamber. We have publicly evidenced that they are now threatening Contempt of Court, criminal records, jail time and more litigation if we don’t stop evidencing on the Internet that they KNOW what they have done — and are trying to beat us into submission so no one else knows how many lives have been devastated by their actions and how much money they have saved the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce by deceptive means.

    The courts are trying to stop us from republishing the phrase, “altered his under oath statements”. We can write all day long of the insurer cost shifting scheme/scientific fraud endorsed into California’s workers’ comp policy over the mold issue by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2005 without repeating that phrase. But what we cannot do without repeating that phrase is evidence how the courts framed an environmental advocate, Sharon Kramer, for libel as they suppressed the evidence that an environmental policy author for the US Chamber of Commerce/ACOEM, Bruce Kelman, committed criminal perjury to establish needed reason for malice while Strategically Litigating Against Public Participation & suppressed the evidence that Kelman’s “legal” counsel repeatedly suborned the criminal perjury.

    What we cannot do without republishing that phrase, is write about and publish what happened in a libel case that is a matter of public record, which this one is, without being able to write what words were claimed to be libelous. That’s why the courts, Kelman and his “legal” counsel, are  trying to gag us and are threatening us not to “republish” the following sentence,

“Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand’ while he testified as a witness in an Oregon lawsuit.”

    By precluding us from writing the phrase “altered his under oath statements”, the words that are the sole cause of action of the case; the courts are essentially taking a case that is a matter of public record and deceptively making it a sealed case where we cannot write of how the courts framed a US citizen for libel while aiding a multi-billion dollar fraud to continue in public health and workers’ comp policies. We cannot publicly evidence what the courts did to frame a US citizen for libel and are now harassing and threatening to block the citizen’s movement (incarceration for Contempt of Court) to keep their misdeeds from coming to greater public light.

    The above sentence, “Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand’ while he testified as a witness in an Oregon lawsuit.” is not even the sentence that is found within Sharon Kramer’s the purportedly libelous Internet writing of March 2005 in which she used the phrase, “altered his under oath statements”. (see link “Internet writing”). The actual sentence is,

“Upon viewing documents presented by the Hayne’s attorney of Kelman’s prior testimony from a case in Arizona, Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand.” 

     In both the 2006 anti-SLAPP Appellate Opinion and the “reviewing” 2010 Appellate Opinion, they omitted  14 key lines from the middle of the transcript of Bruce Kelman’s Oregon testimony in question.  The 14 lines that were omitted by the Appellate justices in their opinions illustrate that Kelman and the defense attorney were trying to shut down the line of questioning by invoking the rule of completeness. This,  so Kelman would not have to discuss how the US Chamber’s Mold Statement was so closely linked to that of ACOEM’s when setting public health policy. 

     Had the plaintiff attorney not had the transcript of Kelman’s prior testimony from a case in Arizona in its entirety, the line of questioning would have been stopped. Once forced to discuss the two papers together, Dr. Kelman was attempting to say the two papers were not connected, calling them “seperate works“; while simultaneously having to admit they were connected –with the US Chamber’s being a “lay translation” of ACOEM’s –as was stated in his prior testimony from the prior bench trial in Arizona. Thus, as the actual sentence in Sharon’s March 2005 writing accurately states,

“Upon viewing documents presented by the Hayne’s attorney of Kelman’s prior testimony from a case in Arizona, Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand.”

    To acknowledge the close connection to the US Chamber of Commerce dimmishes the value as a weapon against the sick in court of holding the ACOEM Mold Statement our as unbiased science supported by seven thousand occupational physicians.

        In six years time, there was no evidence in the libel case presented that refuted Sharon’s belief in the validity of her words that Dr. Kelman was altering his under oath statements in an attempt to hide the marketing trail of how it became a scientific fraudulent concept in policy that it was scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm.  

    By deleting those 14 key lines from the middle of Kelman’s testimony that illustrate the defense was trying to stop the line of questioning, the courts changed the color of what actually occurred as they framed a never impeached US citizen for libel over a matter of public health; thereby aiding the scientific fraud to continue to be used in many courts and many claims.

   The courts framed Sharon in their 2006 Appellate Opinion to make it appear that she had falsely accused Kelman of getting caught lying on a witness stand about being paid to make edits to ACOEM’s Mold Statement.  They then concealed this framing in their “reviewing” 2010 Appellate Opinion.  As stated in the 2006 anti-Appellate Opinion written by the current Chair of the California Commission on Judicial Performance:

This testimony supports a conclusion Kelman did not deny he had been paid by the Manhattan Institute to write a paper, but only denied being paid by the Manhattan Institute to make revisions in the paper issued by ACOEM. He admitted being paid by the Manhattan Institute to write a lay translation. The fact that Kelman did not clarify that he received payment from the Manhattan Institute until after being confronted with the Kilian deposition testimony could be viewed by a reasonable jury as resulting from the poor phrasing of the question rather from an attempt to deny payment. In sum, Kelman and GlobalTox presented sufficient evidence to satisfy a prima facie showing that the statement in the press release was false.”

    The March 2005 writing speaks for itself.  It does not state money exchanged hands for edits to ACOEM’s Mold Statement. It accurately states there were two papers, the exchange of money between the Manhattan Institute and GlobalTox was for the paper dissiminated by the US Chamber, and that ACOEM’s was “a version of the Manhattan Institute commissioned piece.”  As evidenced as accurately stated in the March 2005 writing:

“He [Kelman] admitted the Manhattan Institute, a national political think-tank, paid GlobalTox $40,000 to write a position paper regarding the potential health risks of toxic mold exposure…..In 2003, with the involvement of the US Chamber of Commerce and ex-developer, US Congressman Gary Miller (R-CA), the GlobalTox paper was disseminated to the real estate, mortgage and building industries’ associations. A version of the Manhattan Institute commissioned piece may also be found as a position statementon the website of a United States medical policy-writing body, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.”

     Uncontroverted evidence that was suppressed in both Appellate opinions, Sharon’s March 2005 writing was the first that exposed that there were many entities involved and were connected together in mass marketing a fraudulent concept in public health policy that it was scienfically proven moldy buildings do not harm.  In the March 2005 writing, she named names of those involved in the mass marketing of the scientific fraud:

Bruce Kelman, GlobalTox, Inc., the Manhattan Institute think-tank, US Congressman Gary Miller (R-Ca), the US Chamber of Commerce and the medical policy writing body, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM).

    AND THAT is what this more than six years worth of litigation over the word, “altered”, is really all about, while costing Sharon Kramer all she owns to defend the truth of her words for the public good from compromised judiciaries.  I.e., Keeping bogus science in the courtrooms of America on behalf of the interests of industry.  And now, attempting to suppress the ability to write of the case, that is a matter of public record, which evidences what the compromised judiciaries did and continue to do to aid to keep the bogus science in the courtrooms on behalf of industry….while threatening to incarcerate a never impeached US citizen to keep the fraud going.

    Now, we want to show one more piece of just how abusive the courts have been in this matter before they lock us up and throw away the key (since we refuse to be beaten into submission for using the Internet to expose judicial fraud).  

    On September 13, 2010, an Appellate Opinion was rendered by Justices Patricia Benke, Richard Huffman and Joann Irion, in the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court, San Diego, California in the case of Kelman & Globaltox v. Kramer, App. Case No. D054496.  Justice Huffman is the ex-Chair of the Executive Committee of the Judicial Council. He sat in this position of controlling all California courts for fourteen years.

     On Page One of the 2010 Appellate Opinion it states:

“The jury found that Kramer did not libel GlobalTox and judgment against GlobalTox was entered. The trial court awarded Kramer $2,545.28 in costs against GlobalTox.”

     Really?  There was a judgment entered stating that? Then why does Sharon Kramer just now have a Tentative Ruling Minute Order from October 28, 2011 (which is just this past week) that states,

“The clerk is directed to alter the 9/24/11[sic 9/24/08] judgment to include the statement that: ‘Defendant Kramer is the prevailing party as to Plaintiff Globaltox, Inc. The judgment is hereby amended to include costs of $2,545.28 in favor of Defendant Kramer and as against Plaintiff Globaltox, Inc.”.

   After the Remittitur was issued from the Appellate Court back to the lower court on December 20, 2010, the lower court CCMS was falsified on December 23, 2010 to state:

10/23/10  Judgment was entered as follows: Judgment entered for GLOBALTOX, INC.; KELMAN, BRUCE J. and against KRAMER, SHARON

     The Appellate Court was evidenced before and after they rendered the double-speak opinion trying to CYA five years worth of judicial abuse on behalf of the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce and in the name of Schwarzenegger’s “Workers’ Comp Reform”, that there was never a judgment entered acknowledging SharonKramer as prevailing party over GlobalTox/VeriTox, Inc., only a minute order to that effect. See pdf Page 29  of Petition for Rehearing. to see they knew there was no such judgment entered. (pdf takes a few seconds to open) 

      As evidenced by the Petition for Rehearing, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing with the 2010 Appellate Opinion, why they were doing it and the continued defrauding of the public because of it. The California Supreme Court was evidenced of the same. It was one of Ronald George’s final acts as Chief Justice of the State of California, December 2010, to deny to review this fiasco in which the plaintiff was evidenced to have committed perjury to establish a false theme for malice and the defendant was never impeached as to the belief in their words.  

     We have no reason at this time to question the intentions or integrity of Judge Earl Mass III, who wrote the October 2011 Tentative Ruling acknowledging the judgment document from the case of Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer needs to be amended to accurately reflect Sharon Kramer as a prevailing party entitled to costs incurred.  However, we are not anticipating the judgment document will actually ever will be amended as it should be to show Sharon Kramer was a prevailing party entitled to costs.

    This is because the Fake Judgment Document from the case of Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer in its current form is the sole legal document upon which the case of Kelman v. Kramer, is founded.  The courts’ case of trying to beat us into submission would collapse if it was recognized the judgment document upon which it is founded is fraudulent.

     It is the sole document used as the foundation to gag Sharon Kramer from writing of what the courts have done, and now threaten her with a criminal record for Contempt of Court and jail time  for refusing to be gagged of court corruption, thereby being forced into colluding to defraud the public by forced silenced.  The Fake Judgment Document (that will probably not be properly amended) was mailed, interstate, to the owner of Katy’s Exposure to try to beat her into submission and not use the Internet to evidence judicial fraud in a case that is a matter of public record.

Since when can a US citizen be threatened with a criminal record and jail time for writing  and evidencing of what occcurred in a case they were involved in that is a matter of public record?

Since when can a US citizen who is a blog owner be threatened with litigation via the US Postal Service, interstate, for putting legal documents from a case that is a matter of public record on the Internet?

   Sue us all you like. Threaten us with jail time all you like. Use the US Postal Service to mail us threats, interstate, based on fake legal documents that originated from your courts, California.  We are not vulnerable sixteen year old girls. We are grown women and mothers of grown women.   


    We can back up every thing we are writing and putting on the Internet with evidence from your own Court files.  And we are not going to be beaten into submission for using the Internet to expose how you have colluded to defraud the public with the US Chamber et. al., over illnesses caused by exposure in moldy, water damaged buildings for now over SIX YEARS.   

Clean up you act, Judicial Branch of California!!!!! 

     We are all sick you trying to beat people, many people, into submission for exposing your ineptitude and rampant cronyism as you ruin the lives of  citizens, workers and children you are charged with protecting.  Below is evidence of more damage from your rampant corruption and ineptitude:


BOTTOM LINE: Its time for several leaders of California’s judicial branch to step down off the bench and out of leadership roles of our courts.   

Governor Brown and the Legislative Branch of California,


Signed, grown women and mothers who will not be beaten into submission by abusive judicuaries.

UPDATE 4:00 PM November 4, 2011.  Just spoke to the Governor’s Office about a half an hour ago.  At their suggestion, I sent an urgent email and fax.

November 4, 2011 FAX TO GOVERNOR BROWN

Supplemental Declaration Received Today From Bruce J. Kelman’s & VeriTox’s Attorney, Keith Scheuer, California State Bar # 82797, evidencing for Judge Thomas Nugent that I need to be silenced because we are evidencing on NET the Courts colluding to defraud the public and threatening criminal records and incarceration to silence and intimidate us. 

Updated November 5, 2011,

Second Fax Sent To Governor Brown requesting he intercede to stop harassment by the courts and stop threats to block movement (incarcerate) for writing and evidencing on the Internet what the leaders of California’s judicial branch have done, in a case that is a matter of public record, to aid a scientific fraud to remain in public health and workers’ comp policies to the benefit of the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce.

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