Bobby Jindal – Jesus Christ Oil-Spill-Star… – Posted on Disenfranchised Citizen

Bobby Jindal – Jesus Christ Oil-Spill-Star…  Disenfranchised Citizen

By Drake Toulouse


“And then we have the sand berms:”

“While Jindal has relentlessly promoted the islands as the best method for keeping BP’s oil out of the state’s interior coastal marshes, critics say they are likely to wash away with the first hurricane and that the land-bridge construction is diverting resources from other measures that might be more effective, if not quite as camera-friendly, and the sand berms are indeed already washing away as predicted. “In 18 years in the governor’s office,” one scientist said, “I’ve never seen an administration where science is such an alien concept.” And then there is the Shaw Group, the company that received the no-bid contracts to construct the sand berms. This is the same company who received several no-bid contracts after Hurricane Katrina, where their track record was less than admirable. Despite being bigwigs in the rounds of the Democratic party, the Shaw Group has also been a supporter of one, Bobby Jindal. The Gulf Coast scientific community is united against these sand berms, stating they do minimal good while damaging the environment, the very grasslands they are meant to save.”

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