Oil, Toxins, Acid… SOMETHING is in the rain – Video – Posted on Clean the Gulf Now!

Many of you know I spent last week working with Project Gulf Impact, a film crew from L.A., on the gulf coast to document the crisis, and the story NOT being told. I left them last Friday and they continued on to NOLA for several days. Yesterday they went out in a boat in Pass Christian, MS with some locals to get a closer look at the damage.

At my urging they had picked up respirators (with Organic Vapor barrier) and wore them on the boat, though the locals were not wearing any protection. A storm came up while they were on the water and took them by surprise. My guys tell me their skin began to burn, they hurt all over, and everything (including their equipment) became very oily-feeling, leaving a slick surface all over them and the camera.

Today – the locals (who were unprotected) are bedridden with high fevers and blisters inside their mouths. Every one of them are ill today. The film crew (wearing respirators) are ok, however. People have NO business in/on/around the water without protection, and NO ONE should be swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, PERIOD. More film coming soon…


Clean the Gulf Now!

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