Veterans-For-Change – HR 2254 Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009-S 535 Repeal the SBP/DIC “Widows Tax” Offset & Linda May Fraud

Dear Friend,

Tonight I bring some good news, and hopefully gain your support on some very important veterans issues.

The Good News:

Over the past month several people have done a great deal of investigation on a woman by the name of Linda K. May of Pontiac Illinois.

She had injected herself in many “toxic mold” issues in public schools causing mass panic and hysteria.

She has been trying to sell a “mold test kit” to parents for $49.95, and a laboratory fee of $300.

With a bold claim her patented urine test approved and granted authorization by the DoD and the VA that it could test for Agent Orange Dioxin and prove beyond a doubt you were contaminated and she would even testify on your behalf to win your benefits claims and had done so in many other claims.

Even claiming T2 Mold was used in the making of Agent Orange.

That she was accredited and certified by OSHA and the EPA and also had helped write many OSHA/EPA policies and had been licensed in numerous states as a Registered Nurse.

She was interviewed on Stardust Radio with veterans and the Mayor of Pontiac all in support of her claims, however, after three weeks of investigation on the efforts of Veterans-For-Change, Operation Firing For Effect, and Veterans for Veteran Connection it has been proven beyond any doubt her claims of being an International Mold and Toxin Expert to be lies.

It’s also been proven beyond any doubt that there is no such thing as accreditation or certification by either OSHA or the EPA.

Her claims of a patented urine test, test kit, also have been proven beyond any doubt these too were lies.

She’s been attempting to prey on the fears and concerns of school children parents, then the elderly, and most recently veterans.

When questioned about her licensing, DoD contract, laboratory location, her pat answer is either it’s confidential or top secret, neither would apply in this case.

When questioned about any FDA approval or certification, again the same answers either it’s confidential or top secret. 

She’d even gone to the point of telling one reported if she told she’d have to kill him.

Veterans-For-Change, OFFE and VFVC wanted to make certain our veterans weren’t sucked into her scam and wasted their hard earned money.

She’d already scammed a woman in California and another in Michigan of $1,500.00 each for which we have possession of both canceled checks as evidence.

So please be advised if anyone tells you they can test your urine for dioxin, help prove your contamination, and help win your VA benefits claim, walk away!

The only way you can be tested for dioxin contamination is via blood tests which are extremely expensive (about $1,800.00) only to say yes but not when, where, or how. And certainly not worth the price tag.

So I’d like to say thank you to Aletta and Tanya from Veterans-For-Change, Gene Simes and Jere Berry from OFFE/VFVC, Dr. Thrasher and Dr. Hooper, Ms. Foster of Michigan (Victim) and Mrs. Trend of California (Victim) all for their contributions at bringing a fraud to light and helping secure enough evidence to be turned over to the Attorney Generals’ in California, Michigan, Illinois and the US Attorney General in DC.  Veterans Bills upport Needed:

The following bills need your support and the support of your family, fellow vets and friends:

HR 2254
Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009

S 535
Repeal the SBP/DIC “Widows Tax” Offset

Although there are well over 300 veterans bills pending and each need your support, these two are of the greatest value at this moment.

HR 2254 will help many Blue Water Navy veterans receive benefits they desperately need and are long over due.

S 535 will help the widows of our fallen vets by restoring their pay.  Currently SBP which is a PAID insurance by the vet is offset dollar for dollar on DIC a death benefit which was paid for by the death of the vet.  Both earned, both paid for, the offset must stop!

What I strongly recommend everyone do is bookmark and visit this site every two weeks. Send out the pre-written E-Mails (all of them) to your members of Congress.  Even if you sent the E-Mail two weeks prior please, do it again and again until they no longer exist on the list. Keep in mind not to ask for changes or additions, this will only cause the bill to surely die in committee and we can’t wait one or two more years for an amended bill to be presented.

Be sure to forward this information on to everyone on your private mailing lists and ask they do the same.

We need to get all these bills out of committee in tact as written, put on the floor for a vote and passed and eventually signed into law for them to take effect and help countless thousands of vets.

Please, your support is desperately needed by all veterans, spouses, their children, and widows! 

Support Needed for Special Bill:

In the past I’ve come to you on many occasions trying to gain veteran support via a written, hard copy petition.

We failed to gain the attention of Congressman Hinchey of New York, however, we’ve not given up the battle yet.

We have approached 4 Senators and 4 Congressmen and will be approaching many more this week and next until we find one to sign and present the bill with the assistance of OFFE and several leading toxicologists.

The bill is the TCE/PCE Reduction Act of 2009 which was originally the TCE Reduction Act of 2008 and died in committee.

As you may or may not know TCE is a chemical degreaser which was used in the motor pool, aircraft wings and on board ships to clean mechanical parts.

PCE is a dry cleaning chemical used on most bases in the dry cleaning shops all were discarded into the ground which contaminated the drinking water and all residents, military and civilian personnel were exposed and contaminated.

Both these chemicals are just as bad if not worse than Agent Orange and causing all kinds of cancers, birth defects and a host of other illnesses which the VA doesn’t recognize.

The signing, introduction and passage of this bill will help countless thousands of active duty personnel, veterans, their spouses and children to all receive benefits and the medical care needed.

I’ve attached the petition and ask that each who has not done so already, please, sign the petition, and get 14 more signatures then mail the completed petition to the Veterans-For-Change office as soon as possible so we have more power to get a signature on the bill.

Every signature is critical, and helps your fellow veteran, if not yourself and your family, think of the countless thousands of others.

And who knows they too may in turn sign a petition to get another bill passed which you might be in need of!

There is power in numbers and we can win!  We can’t let the VA and Congress continually beat us down we have to prove we have the power to over come all issues!

Please take the time and support the bills and request your members of congress support the bills on the Capwiz system link noted above, and by signing all petitions sent to you for veterans bills and rights!

Thank you for having taken the time to read this rather long E-Mail, your time is greatly appreciated! 

Jim Davis

President – Veterans-For-Change

Jim Davis
Garden Grove, CA 92840



ALL Veterans complain about one thing or another when it comes to the VA, benefits, etc. and for the most part they’re right, however, NOT many will stand up to the VA nor our goverment.


Then join us today because tomorrow NEVER comes!

Group Name: Veterans-For-Change
Group Home Page:

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2 Responses to Veterans-For-Change – HR 2254 Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009-S 535 Repeal the SBP/DIC “Widows Tax” Offset & Linda May Fraud

  1. RAY FORBES says:

    What happen to hr 2254 i, read about itt but whebe wiii it come up for voe?t

  2. Dennis Stevens says:

    41 years ago my life changed, I just didn’t know it. There is now a reason why I have Parkinsons Disease and lost one child to massive birth defects soon after returning home and then another with heart birth defects. That reason, exposure to Agent Orange while serving in the so called Blue Water Navy, no “boots on the ground inVietnam. My story is typical from what I have read. We need HR-2254 and we need it now! Thanks to those of you who care and are supporting this Bill.

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