CALL TO ACTION! “MCS” Beacon of Hope “Enough Is Enough”

Dear Friends, 

This is important ~ if you have been exposed to air pollution, mold, toxic metals, pesticides, chlorinated products, “air fresheners” (petrochemical derivatives) toxic cleaners and other chemicals found in homes, schools, work places, and environment ~ this concerns you.

If we are to ever be allotted the same rights, respect, support, acknowledgment, and help allotted to other illnesses & disabilities we must join forces, we must stand together and support one another and we must make our voices heard. We must present ourselves united for the good of all. As we each fight our related battles, we must work together to gain more political power and to move our society toward our collective goals.

For far too many years, there have been numerous attempts by various individuals and groups to get our government officials, our medical professionals, our bosses, teachers and administrators, businesses, our landlords, and yes even our neighbors and loved ones to acknowledge and address a set of illnesses which is plaguing millions in our country and around the world.

As we all know, there is a vast amount of symptoms & conditions that fall under Toxic Injury. Toxic injury applies to any illness, which stems from being exposed to toxic substances. The plethora of toxic chemicals that mold produces is causing many to become seriously ill all around our country & the world. Recently at the last meeting in regards to the GAO’s mold report, the CDC’s infectious disease division, decided not to participate and follow the GAO’ recommendations. We must turn this awful tide. In order to do so, we must speak even louder. This is why it is just as important that we also recognize all our brothers & sisters who suffer from similar ailments that have been derived from toxic sources. “Toxic Injury” denotes cause and effect. Toxic chemicals, spills and pollution adversely affect our food chain, our water supply and the very air we breathe and if you can’t breathe ~ nothing else matters. It is time for us all, to come together!

Our charitable organization is fighting to bring to the attention of all government leaders, the horrific consequences of consumer product and environmental toxins. Individually and as groups, we have informed those in key positions that toxic exposures are serious to life threatening; that mold infestations, our personal care and cleaning products, our building supplies, pharmaceuticals, even our baby products, etc contain and emit very toxic, very dangerous and unnecessary chemicals.

Years ago, with this knowledge, the “MCS” Beacon of Hope developed a proclamation, which serves to help bring awareness & education for these very issues. We have successfully received signatures of support from over half of our countries governors with more on the way. This petition and proclamation serves all. It brings us together with one immensely loud voice, which in turn will force quicker action and resolution.

Congress is aware of our needs but the only way to confirm how many are suffering and that this crisis demands and deserves their immediate and undivided attention is to show them in black & white that we are fed up and want action taken now. We all need to join together with one concerted effort to get this issue heard.

Please join us in signing the petition, which will tell our leaders loud and clear “Enough Is Enough”. With this said, the most important voice needed to usher in success is yours. Please, help STOP THE POISIONING!  Go to the link below now and add your signature, express your concerns and let your voice be heard:

Click here to sign

For the newly “injured” or “concerned”:

If you are wondering if these toxic chemicals are affecting you, a review of some commonly associated symptoms is in order: Toxic injury is not only life changing but is often life threatening. Those with toxic injuries/disabilities become functionally impaired, and can affect the way one acts, speaks, writes, perceives or carries out a simple task. They may suffer non ending flu like symptoms, memory loss, hair loss, ramped tooth decay, sleeplessness or insomnia, obesity or unexplained weight loss, behavioral changes, weakness, dizziness, confusion, reoccurring nausea, skin rashes, metallic taste in mouth, irritated eyes, ears, nose, throat, severe sinus and/or migraine headaches, aching joints and muscles, chemical sensitivity and this list goes on. Many might say this can pertain to a lot of illnesses. That is the exact point.  Science is increasingly showing that many and most human illnesses can be linked at the footsteps of chemical exposure be it by ingestion, inhalation or absorption.

There are others with even more severe forms of Toxic Injury such as cancer, leukemia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s, just to mention a few. Of course, diabetes, arthritis, IBS, skin diseases, fibromyalgia, and the many autoimmune diseases associated, are no picnic either.

Some of you may be unaware that another dominant source for toxic chemicals is mold. Several species of molds produce a plethora of toxins that are extremely hazardous to human health. Due to the lack of regulations safeguarding us against mold or other toxic chemicals in our environments, millions have fallen ill with many more just one breath, one exposure away from avoidable illnesses, disabilities and/or premature death.

Friends, we are in a fight for our very lives and those of future generations. Positive change is happening but it will not happen overnight. The fight to rid our planet from the production of these toxic substances will be long and hard. We must educate those in power to realize that toxic chemicals (not all chemicals are toxic) are the route cause and Avoidance must be our first line of defense.  At present there is no known cure for these illnesses. Toxically induced illnesses cannot be treated by throwing more toxic chemicals at the toxically injured/disabled. Safer choices, products and practices are readily available, effective and cost efficient.

If we can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you in advance for your anticipated signature and support!

Sincerely, your friend in Hope & Health,


John McBride, New Jersey State Representative & Toxic Mold Activist/Consultant

E-mail: Ph. 732-894-3047

Additional contact information available at:

mcs beacon of hope




If you haven’t already done so, please sign and then make others aware of the “World~Wide” Toxic Injury Awareness & Education Petition for Proclamation at:

Click here to sign

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