2007 Mold Inspection Report – Jefferson Lakes Apts – Riverstone Residential – Louisiana Housing Finance Agency


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  1. Stacey Monson says:

    Dear Katy,
    I’ve been on this web page the last two days reading. I swear I have cried and have actually shouted out loud a couple times. I totally feel like we were made sisters all because some messed up people must have their money. Its so frustrating and I have become isolated from everyone because my anger. I live in subsidized housing their is a baby in every one of these apartments and there will always be babies here not to mention the elderly and disabled. Which as you know could kill them. Noone not even the health department is willing to stand up against them. Even all the doctors I’ve taken my baby boy to are not willing to get involved. HUD seems to be all part of the coverup. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, I feel crazy. But like you how can they sleep at night while they knowingly poison babies. They should be in jail not sleeping in healthy homes. I need help because I’m still here but mostly because its got to stop. I’m doing this for my baby and all the innocent children who can’t do anything.

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